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An interview essay is an academic paper that aims to explore a particular topic by using evidence from the interviews with different people. Getting the necessary amount of information, the researcher should analyze it thoroughly and structure it into the well-organized paper.

The interview essay definition says that it is one of the writing forms that seeks to provide information regarding a specific topic with the help of interviews with different people. As such, an interview essay assignment is quite different from ordinary essays or research papers, which require consulting with books or academic journals. Such an academic format is widely applied in the employment setting when the potential employee needs to get the necessary information about the applicant`s skills and qualifications. Such information is usually obtained through phone, video chats, and face-to-face conversations. You probably know that an interview is a very useful tool for improving communication techniques as it fosters the two-way communication whereas the individual should speak and listen at the same time.

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If you are too busy to write a paper or lack the proper writing skills, you can try to find the online writing agency offering its writing help. Indeed, cooperation with a reliable interview essay writing service will help you avoid stress and frustration caused by boring academic writing. A professional writer should know not only how to write a good interview essay paper but also how to record the interview, make it interesting for potential readers, as well as format the paper properly. We assure you that choosing our interview essay writing service as your assistant, you will be able to cooperate with the skilled and experienced expert, who will tackle your assignment perfectly.

Interview Essay Writing Service

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Few Simple Steps to Get Your Perfect Paper

In order to write a great interview paper, you need to choose an efficient topic. The topic for a paper should not look like the topic for any other academic paper. After all, you should not forget that you need to talk to the person with the interests, beliefs, and ideas different from your own. Thus, if your professor did not provide you with the topic, you need to make up one that will be interesting to your interviewee. Also, we recommend you to look for successful interview essay samples available on the web that will help you understand how such a paper should look like.

Keep in mind that the interviewer cannot conduct the interview being unprepared. As such, we highly recommend you to conduct the preliminary research to understand what questions you are going to ask. When choosing the person for the interview, make sure to find the knowledgeable specialist, who would be able to provide you with much interesting information within the scope of your topic. It would be great if you could involve in the dialogue the professional in your chosen area since it will greatly increase your chances to create a fantastic interview paper. The lack of interesting questions will result in rejection from the person with a rich background. However, you need to always keep in mind the purpose of your interview. After all, your family member will also agree for an interview but only the skilled and experienced specialist will provide you with the necessary knowledge.

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Before the writing process, you need to think over the following aspects:

  • The overall idea of the interview;
  • A questionnaire with the open-ended and closed-ended questions;
  • The format of the paper (essay format, questions-answers format, etc.);
  • The date and place of the interview.

The Essentials of the Interview Essay Process

  1. Make up a list of questions;
  2. Set up a time to meet with your interviewee or interviewees;
  3. Ask different kinds of questions to get proper answers;
  4. Analyze the results received;
  5. Write an interview essay looking into the notes done during the interview.

Get Prepared for the Interview

As a professional interviewer, you need to consider the following techniques:

    • Self-evaluation. It would be great if you could evaluate your communication skills before conducting the interview. As such, we recommend you to think about your experiences, skills, and ability to listen to your opponent. You may also use a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) and it will help you assess your effectiveness as the interviewer.
    • Know the basics of conducting the interview. There are some basic things that should be familiar to everyone, who wants to write a good interview paper. In the face-to-face interaction, it is vitally impression to make a good impression. The process of making an impression also involves your behavior and physical appearance. Also, we assure you that appropriate dressing is necessary if you are going to conduct an interview with the reputed person in their field. Also, do not forget about the appropriate body language. Always stay positive whatever happens. After all, such simple things as eye contact, polite smile, and a handshake can also prove your professionalism as an interviewer.
    • Do not forget about the research. When conducting the preliminary research, you need to look deeply into the subject of your investigation. If you want to get honest and accurate answers, you need to focus on the topic of your research. As such, if you are going to ask the interviewee about a particular company, feel free to learn as much information as possible about this company. You can find the company`s website and learn what information you want to get from the individual. Also, a good option is to find the previous interviews of this person and find out what questions should be discussed in detail.
    • Make an arrangement. In order to do everything right, you need to contact the interviewee and find out the appropriate time for him/her. When talking to the potential interviewee, discuss the other details such as the permission for audio or video recording, consent for using the interview materials, and place for the interview. When choosing the place for the interview, make sure there are no distractors. Whenever it is possible, choose the daytime for the purpose of appropriate lighting and security.
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  • Conduct the Interview. When you are done with all preparations, go to the interview. It is your responsibility to come to the location before the appointed time because you need to welcome your guest. Do not forget about the recording devices and other supplementary materials. Be patient and respectful to your interviewee and choose the polite tone of a conversation. Do not be too personal because it can make your interviewee feel uncomfortable. What is more, try to avoid biased questions since they will undermine the credibility of the interview.
  • Write the Interview Essay. The last step of the whole interview is writing a paper. It is the stage in which you need to present your interview findings in a written form. Basically, your interview essay should include three main sections: an introduction, main body, and a conclusion. The interview paper will start from the introductory paragraph that will introduce your interviewee and a brief summary of the interview. The main body captures all significant details of the interview in a clear and logical order. Finally, a conclusion of the interview paper should address all points discussed in the interview and reaffirm your thesis.

Importance of the Outline

We highly recommend you to create the outline before writing your interview essay that will include three sections mentioned above.

Introduction/Conclusion. Remember that the first and the last paragraphs will make the impression on your reader. therefore, you need to be very careful when working on them. Make sure to include controversial ideas, interesting opinions, and thought-provoking claims to engage your reader.

Main body. List all the interesting ideas or facts received during the interview and evaluate their validity and relevance. Make sure to quote or paraphrase the ideas of your interviewee.

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