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Mastering Personal Essay Writing: Tips & Tricks

Writing a Personal Essay

At some point in your academic life, you will receive the task of writing a personal essay. You will have to prepare such assignments for various purposes, be it a reaction paper for your English class or a scholarship application. If you have some experience with academic writing, you know how complicated it might be. For a great number of objective and subjective reasons, crafting a quality piece is a sophisticated task with multiple pitfalls. Let us discuss a few to know how to avoid or manage them.

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First, it is always so difficult to write about own life, including successes and disappointments, achievements and failures. Of course, personal essays have less strict rules and a more loose structure as compared to other academic assignments. Nevertheless, these facts do not make the task much easier since you need to go backstage on yourself and talk about private life in a clear and fascinating manner. First of all, you need to be genuinely interested in your paper. If you are not, you will surely fail. More so, even if you are, you might still face the problem of time frames. With students, it is a common issue. Multiple assignments and tight deadlines are integral elements of the college routine. Finally, many students believe that personal essay writing is not their cup of tea. Despite the professor’s guidelines, additional instructions, and examples, they have no idea of how to do it right.

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To succeed, you have to impress; to impress, you should employ professional personal essay writers. The question is, “Where to find one?” You cannot just pick up a random website promising you top-notch writing services. Instead, you should be sure that you are going to cooperate with true professionals, and here is why:

Only an expert can:

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Personal Essay Writing Service to Help You

Ensure that the personal essay writing service you choose offers a variety of writing services. In the writing business, variety is a priority. If you choose the right online service, you will have a reliable assistant to take care of all your academic assignments.

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Let us look through online writing services that you can get from our company.

First, we offer custom personal essay help. Custom or customized means our readiness and ability to develop content according to your specific requirements and preferences. In other words, you only have to tell your story, and we will arrange it in a worthy piece of writing. We are a perfect choice for entrusting your admission and scholarship essays.

Second, on our website, you can find sample papers for free. These essays can help you overcome writer’s block, find good personal essay topics, and get an idea of what a paper should look like if you choose to work on the assignment on your own. If you decide to buy an essay, such samples will give you a general understanding of what you are going to get.

Third, you can buy proofreading services from us. If you have already written your paper but need someone to look it through with fresh eyes and polish it, we are here to help.

Fourth, we can edit and format your paper. For many students, making pieces fit together in a well-formatted paper is the most complicated task. You can order editing services and attach your paper, and one of our experts will read it through carefully and improve it to ensure your
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Why Us? Benefits We Offer

A lot of rivals compete in the market of online writing services. On the one hand, high competition means you have a great choice for yourself. On the other hand, you will find it difficult to pick up one from the variety. In the worst-case scenario, you risk getting noting despite delightful offers of high-quality personal narrative essay help and low prices. Therefore, it is better to choose the service that has a good experience in the business and rich positive feedback from students that have already cooperated with it.


We are just the service you need! In order to substantiate this statement, check the list of benefits that our clients get when working with us:

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If you still want to work on this task on your own, keep on reading this article for valuable tips for writing a personal essay that will earn you a high grade.

How to Write a Personal Essay

And now, let’s discuss how to write a personal essay to impress your professor.

Most personal essays follow a structure familiar to all students; it consists of three standard parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. You can begin with writing a personal essay outline. It will not be counted into the required word limit; however, it will help you arrange your work properly and thus will make the task easier. By following your outline, you will be able to develop logical paragraphs that will stick to the main idea you are going to discuss in your paper.

Writing your paper step by step will allow you to be sure that in the end, you will get a holistic piece of writing that will satisfy all the requirements of this academic assignment. Now that we have a sense of the paper surface, let us dive into the internal structure and metaphorical elements.

Let us Get It Started: How to Start a Personal Essay

You should carefully think about how to start a personal essay. These opening sentences will create the first impression and, as you know, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Just fancy! Will, you read a book that makes you bored from the first pages? I will bet anything, you will close that book and plank it on the highest shelf. Therefore, be sure to intrigue your audience with the first lines already. Make readers interested! Make them want to continue! Make them desire to learn your point of view or get to know your story! Create a solid basis here. Whatever important point you want to discuss in your body should be briefly but logically mentioned in the introduction.

Look through some personal essay writing tips that will allow you to avoid some common mistakes and hoary clichés.

  • This paper will describe my recent visit to our city gallery. Frankly speaking, it is an OK-introduction for a 7-year-old child but not for a college student. This paper will … is too flat and too trivial. More so, people find it rather annoying.
  • My paper about a book/movie/article/etc. will transform your worldview. In contrast, this statement is way too ambitious. Of course, your paper will make a contribution and will have influence, but the magnitude can be hardly predicted. Never make promises that you cannot fulfill. Otherwise, the reader will be disappointed and you will lose points.
  • Last week, I had a big fight with my roommate, and it was a tough experience that made me wiser. Not even sure whether this sentence can be called an introduction. Of course, you inform your reader of what you are going to tell in your essay; however, it sounds like the beginning of the most boring story ever.

To write an interesting and attention-grabbing college personal essay, use this simple introduction tip. Imagine you are the producer of a popular TV show. Do you remember their intriguing lid-ins? Even if you accidentally see one while changing channels, you will probably stop and ask yourself, “What’s with that girl?” “Who is the father?” “Will they marry?” So, just create such a lid-in for your story to excite your audience.

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Adding Fascinating Details: The Essay Body

The next element of the personal essay structure is the body part that can consist of one or more paragraphs depending on the topic and purpose of your paper. However, as a rule, this part should comprise at least three paragraphs. Focusing all three on a single event or memory from your life might be challenging and confusing. You should strike a balance not to overload your narration with excessive details and not to keep repeating the same information over and over again. Fill your paper with the breath of life; you should go a bit personal and a bit wild to make people interested. Use metaphorical thinking and other creative tools. Sincerity is your key to success.

Cut to the chase! We have developed some ideas for your three paragraphs.

  • After you have described the chosen memory, think about how you felt and what you thought about that event or action;
  • Try to find a quotation or proverb that can help with understanding your topic;
  • Think about a book or movie that talked about a similar situation;
  • Decide whether your worldview and life were changed by that event or not.

Try to avoid empty talks. Your task is to make people believe you and envision your story to understand your message. The keyword is “personal.” Therefore, do not presume upon the thoughts and attitudes of other people. Remember, you talk about yourself!

Wrap It Up: The Conclusion

You cannot finish a college personal essay with something like, “That’s all folks!” or “And it is my story…” In your conclusion, you make your final argument based on personal reflections that you have shared with your reader in the previous parts. Focus on how it has changed you and your life. You can also reveal some plans for the future. However, ensure that this part is not too self-centered and egocentric. Your task is to influence your reader and make them think. Hook the audience! Make them step into your shoes! Let them be in your skin! If you manage to achieve this effect, your conclusion might be considered successful.

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What to Avoid in Writing Personal Essay for College: Popular Mistakes

Most mistakes in writing personal essays are not intentional. More so, usually, they are caused by the student’s desire to make the paper exceptional. First, personal facts can and should be included; however, you should better avoid sensitive information and too painful experience. Also, always stay the course. If you are asked to talk about your role model, it is absolutely beyond the pale to simply retell their biography or describe the epoch, in which they lived. Remember, keyword – personal and thus your paper should be about you!

To ensure you are on the safe side, check the following list of common mistakes that have wrecked the essays of many students:

  • Bad Logic – if readers cannot understand the flow of your ideas, they will feel confused rather interested. Create a good thesis and develop it with other thoughts organized according to the hierarchy of their importance.
  • Boring or Unclear Topic – choosing the right topic is half the battle. A good topic is motivational and inspiring but neither too complex nor boring. Finally, you should be interested in your topic and have a clue about it.
  • Weak or Confusing Structure – it is an especially big mistake when you want to describe an event or situation. You should be careful not to make the paper a mere description of facts and details. Keep your argument and supportive ideas structured and relate everything to your personality. Accurate and well-referenced citations will help you sound even more convincing.
  • Wrong Words – remember, a personal essay is a piece of professional writing and thus should use academic vocabulary. However, the text is still to be understandable for the general audience. Colloquialisms and special terms will equally affect the quality of your writing.
  • Fabricated information – writing made-up stories is the wrong approach. Fake details will not make your paper fascinating but will make you fail. Be sincere and be yourself!
  • Dishonesty – remember that your achievements and background can be easily checked; therefore, do not provide fake facts that will damage not only your paper but also your future academic career.
  • Grammatical Errors – grammar mistakes and flaws can significantly affect the quality of your paper. For this reason, many students request professional personal essay help. For example, our experts can easily polish your piece before submission.

Finally, you are ready to write your paper, and we believe your piece will be one of the best personal essays ever!

Will you start right now? Or maybe you need quality personal college essay help? If you do, we are your reliable partner that can cope with any assignment you might have.

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