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Great Exemplification Essay

Great Exemplification Essay Equals an “A” Grade

When preparing an exemplification or illustrative essay, you need to cite clear examples to support the stated points and a thesis statement. In order to write a good paper, you have to use reliable up-to-date academic sources only. Thus, you will be able to amass accurate data about the subject you are going to talk about. Great examples will give validity to your work and make it interesting. That is why you should be very thorough when selecting examples.

An exemplification essay is built in the following way:

  • Examples
  • Detailed information about the raised matter
  • Worthwhile ideas
  • Inescapable facts
  • Relevant data supporting the made statement

When illustrating the discussed issue with examples, you have to make sure that each presented patter is in line with your opinion and, certainly, the topic. Your task is to look through as many sources as possible to find the most useful examples that will back up your statement. If you see that some of the provided examples are contradictory, it is better either to change the direction of your paper or remove them at all. You should realize that all the information that is presented in your work has to prove your thesis. However, if you are supposed to analyze some exceptions, then you need to provide both supporting and opposing examples of the main point.

Exemplification Paper Structure

This is the type of essay which has to be based on firm evidence. Thus, it should be understood that the claims made in support of the chosen subject have to be proved by strong arguments. If you want to grab readers’ attention at once, you need to write a compelling introduction. It is rather helpful to introduce the topic by telling a brief story or a joke. It will interest readers and they will keep reading your paper.

The body of your exemplification essay should include facts, arguments, and statistical data about the addressed matter. A wealth of detail will make your work reasonable. Do not forget that the layout of information should be presented logically. For this reason, you need to use transitions both between the sentences and paragraphs.

As to conclusion, it should sum up the whole paper. There should not be any statistical data in this section. It is obvious that you want your piece of writing to impress readers. Therefore, you need to create the concluding paragraph that will appeal to every single reader.