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An outline is an essential part of essay and research paper writing, as it serves as a plan that is aimed at helping you to complete your writing assignment. It is a paper where you provide a general structure of your future paper and outline the main points of your work.

A paper outline is one of the best ways to prepare for essay writing. Moreover, it can also be used for writing more complex papers, such as term papers, research papers, etc. Normally, outline contains headings of its main parts, which usually include Introduction, Main Body, and Conclusion. Besides, the information in outline is formatted according to the required writing style. The most commonly used formatting styles include APA and MLA.

Nevertheless, regardless of the style you use, the process of writing outline remains unchanged. The only differences between these two formatting styles are that APA uses abstract, while MLA does not, and that APA is usually used for humanitarian disciplines, while MLA is more commonly used in social studies.

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The importance of outline cannot be underestimated. It is much easier to complete a writing assignment if you have a clear plan of writing. Many writers work on outline before they start doing the main paper. It helps them to address all the issues and write a well-structured and well-organized paper.

It is recommended for each writer to outline topic sentences for each paragraph. It will help to make sure that each paragraph corresponds to the main idea and topic of the paper. Do not be afraid to make changes in the structure of your paper while creating an outline. If you see that some parts of the paper need to be changed or replaced, do it. The aim of research paper outline is to help a writer to create a paper of high quality and not to miss anything important.

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Importance of Outline Writing

Outline is a good way to organize thoughts. It is also very useful, as it serves a universal function of preparing a student for final paper writing. In some cases, outline can be given by a teacher with the aim of checking how good the students understand their task and whether they are on the right track. Regardless of what outline you write: a persuasive essay outline or simple essay outline, do this task responsibly, as it will make the process of final paper writing much easier.

Good essay outline writers know that it is a great tool for successful paper completion. It helps you focus on the most important aspects of a paper, address all the main points, and improve your writing skills.

Some of the positive sides of research paper outline writing include:

  • It helps organize thoughts;
  • It helps to make an essay flow logically and naturally;
  • It helps to structure a future paper better;
  • It helps to get high marks and appreciation of a professor.

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Examples of Outline

In order to distinguish between an MLA and APA outlines, it may be useful to check outline examples online. Each example written in a specific formatting style will give tips on writing it correctly. For example, by checking such samples, you will see that MLA outline do not require title page, while APA outlines have abstracts.

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