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Good Personal Statement

Writing a personal statement is not known to be a very easy thing for anybody to do. It involves a lot of personal thinking, analysing and writing skill. Unlike any regular writing or creative writing one would need to be able to skilfully and sincerely express their strength/ability, while downplaying their faults or flaws. If the personal statement is for a job application it must be written in a captivating way that helps the employer to see your ability and why you are the right man for their job. It should also reveal how you can help improve their business through the job. And if it is for an academic program it must reveal your academic qualifications. All this is important to give you a good personal writing.

Why Is Writing a Good Personal Statement Essential?

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What does a personal statement should be written about?

This work should present accurate data about you, so that the members of the board can understand better who they are dealing with.

This is the very paper that will present your academic achievements. Therefore, the committee will have a possibility to realize that you can build an excellent academic career. Moreover, your personal statement has to demonstrate that you have a broad outlook and are fully conversant with different scientific theories and concepts. When writing this work, you need to show that you are ready to take part in various activities to develop a particular area of study and popularize higher education.

What Information should a Personal Statement Provide?

Every piece of data that can help the board learn more about you is useful. You need to be focused on representing your experience, skills, abilities, and accomplishments. It is rather good to describe a difficult situation you have faced but managed to find a way out of it. Thus, the members of the committee will see that you are a goal-oriented person and are not afraid of facing hardships. Moreover, you should demonstrate in your piece of writing that you are a sociable person. Let the committee understand that you know what a teamwork is. If you experienced any difficulties during your academic years, you should also mention it in your paper. Such information will add you some extra points. In case the record of your academic achievements is not perfect due to some troubles, you need to give clear explanations about it. In this way, the admission board will understand that you have considerable potential for higher education.

The Key Idea: Your Academic Success in Spite of Difficulties

To make your paper sound more effective, you may discuss the following:

  • Talk about the obstacles that you have encountered on the way to your achievement;
  • Show that you are the right person for getting higher education, as you are well aware of different social problems such as domestic violence, illnesses, slavery in families and other issues that prevent people from receiving higher education. For instance, you can describe your experience of participating in different educational programs, attending institutions for minorities, etc.
  • You can discuss different subjects in your work such as racial issues that become a real problem for people desiring to get higher education;
  • Describe the leadership qualities among the students belonging to social minorities;
  • Present the research fields you are interested in. Here, you may concentrate on gender inequality, racism, health problems, economic issues, etc. It also useful to talk about political and social factors that make higher education unattainable for a particular group of people.

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