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When you are assigned a business report, it is essential to be able to answer the question, “What is a business report?” The most widespread definition is that a report is a type of academic paper that aims to state the facts about something. However, when it comes to academic report or a business report, you need to be aware that it requires extensive research of the facts. Moreover, if you are writing a business report, be sure that you will need to have in-depth knowledge in a specific topic as well as to be able to analyze the topic critically. Additionally, a great asset behind writing a business report assignment is to be able to collect sufficient information on the topic and be able to differentiate between reliable and unreliable sources.

If you want to address our company with an inquiry, “Please write my business report for me,” please be sure that our company’s writers can handle both academic reports and business reports. When hiring writers, we make sure they perfectly know the difference between these types of writing. When you buy business reports from us, be sure that your report will contain concise information about a specific organization or a company, will analyze it, as well as help the business in the decision-making process.

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Business Report Assignments

If you need to write business reports, be sure that the core purpose of this type of writing is to make company-related information available and comprehensible to the company’s personnel. It is achieved with the help of analyzing the competitive edge of the company as well as the efficiency of the information. To make the report layout clear and logical, one needs to use headings and subheadings throughout the report.

Another purpose of writing business reports is to introduce new ideas, plans or projects of a specific company. When working on this type of a business report, it will be further easier to review a specific period of the company’s development (over a certain period of time).

Overall, there are two main kinds of business reports: formal and informal. The former are usually longer and they are composed in the form of a formal document whereas the latter are usually known in the form of a memo.

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Types of Business Reports

The main categories of business report writing are informational and analytical. To find more detailed information about each of them, read on the following detailed classification.

Informational business report

The aim of this report is to provide facts about a specific business, company or organization without focusing on the analysis or further recommendations. This type of business reports has the following subtypes:

  • financial reports that mainly entail balance sheets, cash flow statements, annual financial reports, etc. The main aim of financial reports is to demonstrate the company’s financial matters and focus on its fairness;
  • compliance information reports aims to indicate whether a specific company adheres to the required regulations and duties, particularly those that have to do with financial management;
  • business management reports focus on the labor expenses, responses regarding clients’ satisfaction as well as web traffic;
  • situational reports aim to supervise a specific business situation, focusing particularly on how the situation was handled, what kind of situation it was, and how it influenced the business;
  • reports presenting a specific research normally provides a summary of a study referring to a specific business.

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Analytical business reports

This report is written for making decisions. Unlike informational reports, these offer both information and analysis as well as also put forward recommendations. The core difference is that this type of business report always includes recommendations. If you need to write an analytical business report, you have to apply both quantitative and qualitative data of a business for analyzing and evaluating the strategies.

If you face difficulties with business report writing, be sure that you can contact our business report writing services for help and ask our professional writers to “write my business report.” Our company’s expert writers will present how to write a business report information and guidelines so that you will get to know how to deal with it on your own.


College and university students normally deal with academic reports. They differ from business reports and the main types of academic reports are the following:

  • Book report. This piece of writing focuses on a detailed summary and analysis of a specific literary work. One of the fundamentals of writing a successful book report is to read the assigned book carefully and attentively and make sure you understand it. While reading the book, make sure you make notes: jot down specific information about the main characters, the plot, the interaction of the characters, the genre. If needed, you may also mention some details from the author’s biography.
  • Lab report. Normally, this type of academic assignment is given to students in such subjects as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and others. It concisely describes the essence of the laboratory project experiment. Normally, lab reports aim to prove or disprove a specific scientific idea. As such, be aware that you will need to develop a hypothesis, develop it, and then prove or disprove it.
  • Experimental report. This report is also known as a technical report. It deals with the information that is used in different industries. This report has a clear purpose and should relate to a specific experiment conducted before.
  • Formal report. This is an academic report that has to explain specific information and aims at gathering information related to the subject. Once the information is gathered, it should be presented in a logical and concise form to the target audience in form of recommendations and conclusions.
  • Progress report. It focuses on the detailed description of accomplishments over a specific time frame. Particularly, one should focus on what has been done over a certain period of time: what goals have been achieved, what problems have been solved, what decisions have been made, and so on.

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