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Writing a Narrative Essay

Effective Methods of Writing a Narrative Essay

What can be more pleasant that writing about yourself? Preparing a narrative essay is a great opportunity to make your dream come true. All of us remember some precious moments and significant events which are worth being shared with readers. Sometimes, it is very hard to disclose every detail of a particular situation as memories often stir up. Therefore, a prewriting process takes much time.

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Creating a narrative essay is like telling a fairy tale. This paper is usually focused on presenting the examined issue from the writer’s viewpoint. For this reason, it is required to provide enough detailed information to make readers feel themselves active participants of the story. It is advisable to use phrasal verbs and stylistically marked expressions. Note that this type of paper requires formulating the main idea clearly. It should be presented in the opening sentence. However, one can also come across it in the last sentence of the opening paragraph.

As it has been mentioned, a narrative essay deals with sharing one’s experience. That is why it often reminds a story. Taking it into account, your narrative paper should include all the elements of a story, i.e. the plot, climax, characters, settings, and ending. Additionally, it should contain vivid details and supporting arguments. Remember that all the data that you provide should relate to the key point of your piece of writing.

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To make a conclusion, a narrative essay:

  • presents a certain opinion;
  • provides facts to support the opinion;
  • reveals colorful details;
  • includes various attributive adjectives and adverbial modifiers;
  • contains dialogues;

Narrative reports are one more type of narrative papers. It is aimed at describing a particular phenomenon. When preparing these reports, students think that it is the same as writing an essay. However, reports do not need to be written in the elevated style. They do not require applying critical thinking as essays do. Students do not get high grades for this assignment, as it is a little bit complicated. A book report is a typical example of a narrative report. It gives brief and precise information about the analyzed book, its characters and their actions, plot, scene, etc. In other words, a book report retells the events that are described in a book.

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A book report still does not provide detailed information about the read book. It does not present facts, ideas, or a key opinion that is expressed in a book. Moreover, such a report does not provide a full discussion of what has happened in a book. What is the explored book about? Is it about politics? May be it is about poverty or some scientific findings? Often, reports fail to provide the main idea of the considered book or the author’s point of view about it.

Before you begin preparing your narrative essay, you need to pick an amazing topic. Then, you need to stick to the following three rules:

  1. Try hard to make readers take part in your narration. It is much better to restore the event one more time than just retell it.
  2. Present a general idea which is supported throughout the story. Thus, readers will learn something from writer’s experience. This general idea should concern some social groups, the author, children of different age, etc.
  3. Certainly, the main goal of a narrative essay is to tell the story. However, you should pay close attention to details. Make sure that the provided facts will prove your opinion, support the main idea, and make the story sound logical and reasonable.

Characteristics of Narrative Essays

Bear in mind the peculiarities of narrative essays mentioned below:

  • This type of paper is written in the first person singular, i.e. “I.” Nevertheless, it is also possible to use the third person singular (she, he, it).
  • Narrative papers are based on hard facts. Thus, it is easier to convey the author’s message to readers. Besides, the presented details should leave readers with general favorable impression.
  • Essential elements of narrative papers are a plot, setting, characters, climax, and ending.

Down below, there are a few polar narrative essay topics:

  • My First Day at School
  • Total Failure
  • An Exciting Trip

Do not forget that it is essential to select a wonderful topic. Thus, you will be able to create a great work.

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