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In most cases, when you are working on a personal paper, you are expected to read a book, review an article, or watch a movie. Your professor will then ask you to describe your response to it. Quite often, the rules for writing a response paper are not the same as they are for other works.

A response paper is often called a reaction piece. It is quite different from more formal book or movie reviews. You will be allowed to use first-person pronouns. You will be able to write about yourself and your feelings about the thing you are describing.

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As a proficient student and an advanced writer, you may find it difficult to use phrases such as “I believe” or “I suppose” in an academic paper. However, it is your time to excel, and you can do it.

Read and Share Your Thoughts

You will have to begin your paper with a formal analysis of the movie, book, or journal article you are expected to evaluate. Then you will be able to include some personal impressions and share them with your readers.

Follow the steps below to produce a superb response paper:

  • Watch the movie or read the book or the article you are expected to analyze
  • Make notes
  • Review your notes and incorporate them into your analysis
  • Try to explain what you think or feel about the thing you are describing in your paper
  • Make up a comprehensive thesis statement
  • Develop a well-organized outline
  • Write a response essay

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The Beginning Paragraph

When you are ready with an outline, it is time to start writing the paper. You will need to begin with an introduction, and it will need to be strong and persuasive enough to convince your readers that the paper is worth reading. Speaking of reaction papers, you will have to include the title of the book, article, or movie in your first paragraph. The last sentence of your introduction will be presented as a thesis statement, which indicates the key thought of your paper and outlines its theme and topic.

Share Your Opinion

Do not limit yourself in the analysis and description of your thoughts, opinions, and impressions. You are in a position to describe what you feel or think about the movie or book you are considering. This actually is the main part of your work.


If you look at the sample response paper, you will see how skillful and creative the writer has been in terms of presenting his opinion and describing the focus of the paper. Make sure that you check your grammar and spelling before submitting your excellent response paper for grading!


You can write a response paper on anything, from a newspaper blog post to a huge scholarly book. In any case, any sample statements provided below will be of help:

As soon as you start working on a response paper, make sure to include the following statements:

  • It is my feeling that
  • In my view
  • My opinion is that
  • The author does not seem to
  • I feel that
  • These picture may not be
  • The book did not make me feel like
  • My emotions are too strong because
  • I cannot understand the meaning of
  • I can see the writer’s purpose and intent
  • The way the book was written is not
  • I loved it because

Imagine that your response essay is a compilation of two aspects– an objective analysis and a subjective response.

If you are reviewing a movie, it is always useful to see sample movie reviews online.

Imagine that you are a critique, and your audience wants to know if it is worth reading your book or watching your movie. Be accurate and reserved. Support your opinions with evidence.

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