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Write My Case Brief

Write My Case Brief: Help with All Law Assignments

Write my case brief! You frequently ask us as you have poor understanding of what you are supposed to write, having such a task from your law school professor.

Case Notes: What are They?

A case brief or a case note is a concise case analysis with identification and studying all main aspects of the made decision along with the analysis of the broader social and wider context of the case in question.

What makes a case note different from an article or a comment? Mostly, it is said that the main distinguishing feature of a case note is the profound nature and width of the covered subject matter. Case brief writing implies the analysis of only one case, not more, while a comment is aimed at a particular law area with a focus on special legislation issues and cases. In its turn, an article is different from those two other types of writing as it is a legal essay composed not by a student, but by an experienced expert in the field of law or even a legal authority.

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The definition of a case brief presents it as legal writing in the form of analysis and summary of a court opinion. It is a common task for the students as they need special skills required for gaining better insight into an important decision with further discussion and examination of the case issues.

Writing a case brief is a task that the students of law schools get systematically. However, the professors have to provide all the instructions for the students. Formally, law case brief assignment is a paper that covers a number of points to compose the case structure. The case proceeding tells about a defendant, a judge, and other participants of the court cases. It is important to choose all the essential details about the proceedings with the filtering for identification of all aspects. Writing a law case does not imply indirect presence in the court proceedings. It is possible to do case briefs on the basis of the information from the books although it is important to be selective in filtering.

A legal essay of a case brief is obligatory in every law school and it contributes to the analysis of extensive material provided to the law school students. A case note or a case brief is a final output after the case is read, reread, taken apart, and then re-composed again. One of the main functions of this type of writing is a self-instruction tool; the other one is providing a ‘cheat sheet” for taking part in law classes.

New students do not know how to write a legal brief, and it is not easy to learn how to do that. The improvement will take place with further practice, but it takes time. Case brief writing helps the students to be ready for the tests and classes.

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Who Can Work on Case Briefs for Students?

Custom case brief writing is needed for all the law students. They take the classes and see that it is getting more and more complicated to cope with the tasks. “Write my case brief!” they ask. They really need help as it is difficult to manage complicated writing tasks from the very first assignments given. Some of the students ask their roommates for help, but it makes no sense if they have no legal experience and expertise. So, even if you ask your friend to help, it does not mean that you will be able to use the paper in class.

Only professional case brief writers can cope with the law assignments in accordance with the format and structure required at the universities. A hired legal expert can assist in writing effectively. BestCustomPapers.com provides affordable services for the students ambitious about their academic performance and grades for the assignments. Have a look at a case brief writing help guidelines and let us learn how to do that.

If you know what should be a proper format for your case brief, it is not that difficult to work on it. We suggest focusing on the structure and peculiar features of this type of writing to make sure that all the aspects and elements are included. You have to be focus on essential aspects not to overlook any case note features.

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Writing a Legal Brief: Ask Us for Help if Needed

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Constituent Parts of Student’s Case Briefs

  • Facts: (case name, name of the involved parties, factual events, procedural events, judgment, and others). The case covers the part of Who (case parties) and what (essential events and facts). Note that this part cannot be copy pasted as it should be written from scratch.

What is your aim? You have to tell the case story and mention all the relevant facts without omitting anything that can be important. At the same time, it is wrong to include irrelevant extra facts that are not important for the case. You have to learn how to be selective to use only the facts that cannot be excluded. Do not be disappointed if you fail to get the maximum score from the first attempt as brilliance in this takes time and practice. Note that contacting legal brief writing services will make the whole process much easier and more accurate.

  • History of Procedures (mentioning of the court system events that made the case in question possible): It is essential to note all the court rulings, dates of filings in the case, summary judgments, verdicts, and trials. Typically, legal writing is not complicated in this part with the only exception of court decisions on the basis of procedural rules. It may also be not easy if the law school professor is passionate about procedural history and notes even minor mistakes.
  • Presented Issues (what the dispute presents): Contact brief writing services and ask them to give a presentation of the key issues in the framework of the case. It is preferable to opt for the question-answer form with the Yes/No options only. Thus, it will be easier to handle the next brief writing section.
  • Holding (rule of law applied): It is essential to check whether the holding directly responds to the main issues in question.
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Rule of Law: It implies identification of the law principles for the case resolutions for the justice and judge. A typical definition of this rule is “black letter law.”

  • Holding Reasons or Legal Reasoning: The case brief has this section as the most essential one. If you are not sure how to write a legal brief accurately, better ask us. This part tells about the reasons for the court rulings. You have to ask other students what is the focus of your professors. Some of them pay more attention to facts; others to procedural history or court reasoning.
  • Dissenting Opinion (decisions of the court): This part does not take a lot of time to do, but you have to present the key points of the judge according to the rationale and opinion of the majority.
  • Value for the class: Buy a case brief paper or do it yourself. Make notes about the importance of the case for the students.

Advice for Students:

Order a case brief assignment and solve it as a puzzle!

Unique elements of a case brief are to be taken into consideration. Construct your brief properly and make sure that all the details are included. When a general law puzzle is made up by proper parts, the result will be outstanding.

Length of a Case Brief

A professional legal writing editor always checks whether a case brief is concise enough as the readers find it difficult to look through a lot of notes. The professor also grades the papers high only if it has a proper length. On the other hand, it is wrong to make briefs excessively short as the information will be insufficient. Effective legal writing means that a case brief is approximately one page long.