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First-Rate Informal Essay: Structuring and Formatting Features

A lot of people write diaries and keep record of all the events that happen in their lives. In addition, many of us write different blogs as social networking industry grows rapidly and such kind of activity becomes very popular. Besides, creating blog entries is very useful as it is an efficient way of improving writing skills. Such type of writing can be called an informal one. Surely, you can be more familiar with formal papers rather than the informal ones. From time to time, all of us deal with formal pieces of writing such as newspapers, journals, some reports, academic works, etc. Any type of a formal paper is written clearly and structured accordingly.

Informal Essay: Basics

This paper is also called a personal essay. It can be performed in the form of one’s reflections or thoughts. There are no strict formatting rules according to which an informal essay should be organized. When preparing this work, you are free to be as creative and imaginative as possible as a chief purpose of producing an informal paper is to provide readers with fantastic content. A key feature of this piece of writing is that the writer talks directly to the reader. Therefore, it creates a conversational and lively style. Still, an informal essay has to be well composed as well.

Though this kind of work is performed as a response to a particular message, it does not mean that one can easily write about the selected issue. Certainly, an informal essay differs from other types of papers as it is prepared in an informal style and its structure is not as rigid as that of other works. However, it is still should be written according to the outlined plan. Informal papers as well as other projects give readers information about the chosen topic. They can even have a persuasive character. The main difference is that informal works contain some elements of humor.

An informal paper as well as any other work helps readers gain knowledge about a particular issue. You just need to follow an informal writing style while presenting your point of view on the discussed matter. When producing such a work, you can also share your experience with readers. Furthermore, you can add some fiction features to your paper. Producing this kind of work helps professors assess students’ ability to express their thoughts about different subjects.

Informal Essay Format

Although it is an informal essay, you need to use formal language when writing it. However, you are free to use colloquialisms, idioms, abstract words, etc., if it is indicated by the guidelines. Note that it is very important to realize what the principal focus of the work is. Only in this case you will succeed in creating a top-notch essay. It cannot be stated that an informal essay has to be formatted in a certain specific style. Nonetheless, it also has some key peculiarities.


It is known that a standard essay has five paragraphs. Its main structural components are an introduction, 3-paragraph body, and conclusion. However, if to talk about an informal essay, it does not have a defined structure or format. Additionally, there is no a fixed word count the paper should consist of. Furthermore, this kind of paper does not necessarily include a definite thesis statement. You can arrange the work the way you want.


To some extent, writing informal essays is easier than the formal ones. When telling your story or addressing readers, you can use such personal pronouns as “I,” “we,” and “you.” Additionally, this type of paper can contain shortenings, expressions and phrases you usually use in everyday life. Some students say that the best thing about an informal essay is that there are no complicated academic rules which you have to strictly adhere to during the writing process. Reading this type of work can be compared to the conversation with a close friend.


In order to understand how to impress your audience, you need to know whom you are addressing. Certainly, an informal essay has a personal nature and there is no a stated purpose of writing. Such a work is rather created to arouse some positive feelings. Nevertheless, it is wrong to think that the writer has nothing in mind when he/she starts preparing this paper. In the majority of cases, writers discuss some of their ideas in informal essay. They may also retell the stories that may have happened to them. In this way, authors hope to surprise readers.

If you do not know which topic to select, take a look at the following list:

  • What a successful marriage is.
  • Cancer: the most difficult challenge the society has ever faced.
  • Teenagers versus adults: how to enjoy your life.
  • The happiness of maternity.
  • Parents and children: who is right?
  • How to become a perfect parent?
  • School versus online education.
  • How to get leadership qualities?
  • Modern society is full of hidden pitfalls.

Structural Peculiarities of an Informal Essay

An informal essay can be sometimes called a narrative one as it is like a story. Therefore, its style is not like that of other academic papers. Its paragraphs are not lengthy and they remind the columns of a newspaper article. The tone of the paper is informal. The concluding section gives a general summary of the facts discussed in the work.

When you are going to write an informal essay, bear in mind the following points:

  • Though the essay is informal, it still has to stick to quality standards.
  • Do not forget to edit your work.
  • Mind punctuation.
  • You may use everyday word combinations, phrase, personal pronouns “you” and “I”, contractions, etc.
  • Address the readers directly.
  • Attract readers’ interest by writing in an easy-to-follow style. Present the subject in an attractive way.
  • Involve readers into discussion.
  • Use great examples, quotations, tables and other options that may interest readers. You may even tell jokes. In other words, use the approach that will make your essay supreme.

Below, there is a plan that will help you create a fantastic paper step by step:

  1. Select a subject.
  2. Make an outline and gather information.
  3. Write an introductory section and body paragraphs.
  4. Use colloquial words, informal expressions, jargons, etc.
  5. Produce a reasonable conclusion.

Every event or situation has two sides of the same coin. However, even contradictory issues can correlate with each other. Therefore, when writing an informal essay, you should present the subject in the way that will not leave any single reader cold, even if your topic seems uninteresting. Your task is to provide readers with relevant data about the discussed question. Nevertheless, be very attentive not to make the work sound too boring or too funny. Try hard to find the golden means.