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Synopsis vs. Outline

Many students confuse the terms “essay synopsis” and “essay outline”, as these two notions are indeed very much alike. However, these two kinds of writing are not the same, and it is vital to realize their differences in order to be able to cope with an essay synopsis assignment. In general, a synopsis paper focuses on the key elements of the plot and the emotional value of the analyzed work, while an outline only refers to its formal structure. Thus, the former will give you an idea of what the style and story of the book or movie is, while the latter can only suggest which components it consists of technically.

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Book Synopsis

As a synopsis writing service with years of experience, we can say with confidence that the main goal of any book synopsis is to inform the audience about the content of the analyzed book. As a rule, a well-written professional synopsis does not exceed one page of the text.

Overall, a synopsis presents key characters, retells the story briefly, and lists the main plot twists that the book contains. Unlike a review, it can contain many spoilers and reminds more of detailed notes than of a critical evaluation.

Great Essay Synopsis Writing Services

While almost every student deals with this task at a certain point, some do not even know what a synopsis paper is, supposing that it is about simply retelling the story. However, such perception of this assignment is rather flat and one-sided, and it is definitely insufficient for receiving the maximum grade. In fact, synopsis writing is a complex task, so whether you are working on a movie synopsis or a synopsis of research paper writing, you may need to hire a synopsis writer to prepare an effective paper for you.

Those who have a hard time composing a synopsis of any content and for any purpose can receive a professional assistance from our synopsis writing service. Our writing department consists of highly qualified experts who have been writing for academic purposes for many years, and thus they have all the skills required to provide a top-notch paper to you. Our professionals know all about essay synopsis writing, and they will gladly deal with the most complicated assignment you receive.

Essay Synopsis Assignment

If you decide to buy synopsis writing at our website, you will have the best experience as a customer. Our client support team works round-the-clock, ready to provide you with the needed information or solve any of your issues at any hour of night or day. Whatever your request is, you will get an instant response from us.

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All synopsis writers working for BestCustomPapers.com have an impressive educational and professional background, which allows us to be certain about the quality of the writing service we provide to every client. We only hire native speakers with an excellent command of English language, and every expert working for us is a Master’s or a PhD degree holder. That is why; we are able to deal with assignments on different topics and of different academic levels. Besides, our writing team is ready to handle even the most urgent deadlines, which explains the success of our synopsis writing service among the students from various countries.

Few Simple Steps to Get your Perfect Synopsis Essay

Some clients simply come to our website and send us a request in chat, “Write my synopsis”, and our support agents help them to place the order. However, the ordering procedure is extremely simple and transparent, so anyone can place an order within just a few minutes. All you need to do is press the ordering button and fill in the offered form with the essential information about your future order. Once you indicate the number of pages, academic level, type of assignment, urgency, etc., you need to provide with the payment, and we will assign a writer for your order right away.

When the writer completes the paper, it will be proofread by our editing department, and a special program will scan it for plagiarism. Only after all these stages of work will we upload the paper to the website, and you can find it attached at the Files section when your deadline comes.

While the content and format of every essay synopsis can be different and must comply with the specific professor’s requirements, there are still some common features for all the papers of this sort.


We have developed the following guide for students working on a synopsis paper:

Present the key characters

Sometimes it will be only one person, and sometimes you may need to discuss 5-6 characters. It is advisory to use active voice and analyze the characters from the point of view of their meaning for the plot rather than outside of the story’s context.

Draw the atmosphere

The readers need to understand the mood of the setting, so make sure to show where and how the events were happening.

List the key ideas

Dig to the very essence of the book and show the arguments the writer covered in his or her work.

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Present the plot structure visually

By preparing a diagram, you can show the composition of the story in a concise and meaningful way.

Answer the potential questions

Think of what might interest the target audience and address their questions in your synopsis. Try to be as informative as possible.

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