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Evaluative Essay Writing

Evaluative Essay Writing


The main aim of evaluative essay is to help students develop their critical thinking and analytical skills. What is more, they learn how to apply appropriate examples to support the arguments they provide. Usually, writing an evaluative essay does not present a serious challenge to the learners. That is why an evaluative essay is among those tasks that are assigned to students from the very beginning of a composition course.


One of the critical elements of evaluative essay is its tone. It is of utmost importance to set an appropriate tone as it affects the overall comprehension of the paper. In case the tone is extremely positive or negative, the readers will definitely doubt your work. Therefore, your main objective is to write an evaluative essay in an unbiased tone. Non-prejudiced evaluative essay will help the readers form impartial judgments about the issue.

Introductory Paragraph

The first paragraph of evaluative essay should introduce the issue that will be evaluated. Further, some background information on the issue should be provided. For example, if you choose to evaluate the book The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger, you should state when it was written, indicate the main theme of the book, and mention why it is so popular among the readers. Other background information may be provided as well.

Thesis Statement

It has to explain why a particular issue is chosen for evaluation. Also, you can mention the aspects you are going to evaluate. For example, The Catcher in the Rye is a well-known novel exploring many controversial, burning issues. Aimed at both adults and adolescents, the book reveals the themes of identity and teenage alienation.


Each body paragraph should be directly related to the thesis statement. Each paragraph should start with a solid, catchy topic sentence and be devoted to one idea only. You need to ensure a smooth transition between the paragraphs so that the readers can logically move from one idea to another one. Also, you can use credible sources to support your arguments. These may be some works of famous critics or articles of leading experts. Make sure to include all the used sources in the reference list provided at the end of the paper.

Concluding Paragraph

You need to end your evaluative essay with a reasonable conclusion that summarizes the key points covered in the paper. In addition, you can make some recommendations here. Particularly, you may recommend the book The Catcher in the Rye to a specific group of readers. For example, teenagers and adults are the ones who will be the most interested in reading the novel.