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Aristotle argues that happiness of an individual depends on his/her values and virtues. He argues that a man is born, he is morally neutral. He has the choice to be good or bad. Aristotle claims that if a man becomes good, he will be happy. On the other hand, if the man becomes bad, he […]

Art is a very ambiguous, controversial, and meaningful concept that provokes many debates and discussions among thinkers and philosophers; there is no single vision and perception of art and its power. Some thinkers believe that art can change the world making it better and more beautiful; others insist that artworks are very controversial and its […]

The current study examines the issue of how the positive or negative mood of the subject, as well as attractiveness of the candidate, can influence the decision-making within the hiring process. The method presented in the study is conducting an experiment. Twenty single women participated in it.

Behavioral disorders that usually result from individual experience and exposure to the causative events lead to trauma. However, in many cases, professional help and confrontation of feelings is the only way for effective post-traumatic stress treatment. According to Blessing, Steenkamp, Manzanares, and Marmar (2015), people experience some traumatic events throughout their lives

Communication is a crucial tool for people engaged in the area of personal relations, business, law, among others. The underlying reason for that is not solely the fact that it insures information exchange, but it also contributes to the conflict management. Psychology of conflict communication provides a number of paradigms that contribute to understanding of the conflicts and their resolution

Senior Seminar in Psychology Career Reflection Paper. The current essay provides a brief description of the history of counseling therapy in the USA. The additional attention is paid to the relationships of this area of psychology with clinical therapy and such academic discipline as education

Maura is a 28-year-old woman who visits a therapist since she is worried about a behavior that prevents her from making progress over the last decade. Maura develops relationships with men with stable professions. However, these people are not willing to make the relationship romantic

The exposure to violent and life-threatening situations causes psychological damage to an individual and often results in post-traumatic stress disorder, more commonly known as PTSD. Statistics indicate that over 7 million adult Americans suffer from it (Gradus, 2016). By definition, PTSD is a mental condition that is often debilitating and even life-threatening if not treated and managed effectively (Gradus, 2016)

School Counselor Agenda: Sex Education Course As far as the duties of a school counselor are concerned, the responsibility to provide sex education for children aged between 10 and 12 years is among the most crucial obligations. This paper focuses on the physical, mental, and emotional problems that children in the identified age set face […]

How Psychology can Help in the Career of Choice Many people are skeptical about the role of psychology in the choice of career. However, psychological studies indeed help to improve employability, understand relationships with colleagues, enhance well-being, be more productive in the workplace, and develop critical thinking. Working in the area of Health Services Administration […]

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