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Senior Seminar in Psychology Career Reflection Paper. The current essay provides a brief description of the history of counseling therapy in the USA. The additional attention is paid to the relationships of this area of psychology with clinical therapy and such academic discipline as education

The Biography and Learning Theory of Edwin Guthrie A number of professionals worked on the development of the learning theories concerning the enhancement of human skills and abilities. Edwin Guthrie is one of the main contributors to the development of the learning theory, which explained the behavioral patterns of an individual in perceiving new information […]

Countertransference is a term used by psychoanalysts primarily when applying it to psychotherapy relations. However, this term is pertinent and obliging when applied to both evaluative (Freedman et al., 1993) and professional roles (Greene & Feinberg, 1995). The psychoanalytic theory views countertransference as the reactions of analyst’s, their patient’s feelings, or thoughts basing upon their […]

History of modern psychology can be traced back to the ancient Greek and Egypt. Modern psychology entails the scientific study of the human mental processes and behaviors. Prior to 1879, psychology was studied under philosophy as one of its branches. Later, it was developed as an autonomous scientific field in the United States and Germany. […]

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