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  • Refund Guarantee

    We guarantee that your paper will be completed strongly according to the topic and requirements you provide. However, if you still believe that we have failed to meet your requirements and expectations, or the paper we have sent to you is plagiarized, you are free to apply for a refund. If you think that your order is plagiarized, you will have to send a plagiarism report. We hire only qualified expert writers, who can successfully cope with all types of writing projects and are committed to following your requirements and needs. Before we send the finished paper to you, our Quality Assurance team will perform a detailed examination of the order to guarantee that everything you stated in your instructions for the order has been met.

  • Affordable Prices Guarantee

    Get quality essays and paper projects with a wonderful 15% discount! With BestCustomPapers.com, the most affordable and flexible prices are guaranteed. Moreover, in addition to your affordable paper, you get numerous free-of-charge options, including free title page, free references, and bibliography, free formatting, and outline, etc. You can monitor your paper progress using your membership area on our website. When the paper is ready you will be notified via email. You can also enjoy our 24/7 available service and customer support. BestCustomPapers.com is currently the only writing company that offers superb writing services at affordable prices.

  • Originality Guarantee

    Every order is checked by our Quality Assurance team to avoid plagiarism. We use the most sophisticated plagiarism identification programs to enhance the quality of our writing services. Our plagiarism detection software is the most advanced in the industry, and we guarantee that each paper you get from us is completely free of plagiarism. Also, our Quality Assurance personnel works to guarantee that your paper does not contain any grammar or spelling mistakes. Finally, we use our complex database to make sure the paper has not been copied from any of our earlier orders. This is how you know that every order is totally original.

  • Free Revision Guarantee

    You can request a free revision within 48 hours after your paper was completed (1-20 pages) or within 30 days if the paper is longer than 20 pages. If you believe that we failed to follow your specifications, ask our writers to revise the finished paper. We are among the small number of companies that offer customers a free revision of the paper. To apply for a revision, please contact our customer support team using phone, live chat, or email.

  • Active Log-In Area for Students Guarantee

    We guarantee that you can access and use your private membership area after you sign up with our writing service. It is so easy to access your private area either through your laptop or computer! This is where you can monitor your order progress, and also:

    • Download your papers when it is most convenient for you;
    • Request revision and give clarifications;
    • Message the writer and support;
    • Provide feedback on your order;
    • and etc.
  • Discounts for Members Guarantee

    Get our outstanding lifetime membership discount on all orders you take from us. Our membership discounts are intended to help
    you save your costs. You can get the first discount after you order 30+ pages from BestCustomPapers.com. The following are our membership statuses:

    1. Gold member – 5% (starts after you order 30 pages and more from BestCustomPapers.com);
    2. Platinum member – 10% discount (starts after you order 50 pages and more from BestCustomPapers.com);
    3. Diamond member – 15% discount (starts after you order 100 pages and more from BestCustomPapers.com).
  • Exclusive Ownership Guarantee

    With BestCustomPapers.com, you are the sole owner of all rights to your paper. We write all papers from scratch and provide only exclusive papers to individual customers. No paper is either reused or resold by us. You own complete rights on all papers you order from us. We do not have any pre-written databases, and we do not resell papers. When you order a paper from BestCustomPapers.com, you can be confident that you will be the sole owner of your work, and it will not be used anywhere and by anyone else.

  • Friendly Customer Support 24×7 Guarantee

    We prioritize our customers’ needs and give them premium opportunities to receive outstanding writing and after-sales support. You can talk to our advisors at any time because we have no holidays or weekends. Our support representatives are very friendly, and they are ready to provide you with the assistance and information you might need. You just need to use our toll-free phone number, email or a live chat to get an immediate response.

  • Notifications 24×7 Guarantee

    Stay informed regarding your order status, with the help of your membership area. Take it easy and enjoy your life, while we are working on your paper. BestCustomPapers.com keeps its customers informed about the order progress.

  • Free Plagiarism Report Screenshot (on request)

    We guarantee that, when your paper is finished, our Quality Assurance team will review its quality thoroughly. We need to make sure the finished paper meets your recommendations and specifications. At BestCustomPapers.com we perform a thorough check of every single paper before it is sent to the customer, and you can always request a free plagiarism report screenshot (on request) to be sent along with your paper.

  • Only Relevant Writers Guarantee

    We hire only the most experienced writers, who have practical experience in their field of studies. Our writing team comprises professionals with verifiable backgrounds and certified writers. All our writers have made considerable progress in their professions, so you always know that your paper is being written by the most relevant writer, able to cover your topic in the best way.



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