Dialectic Essay Writing

Posted date: February 12, 2018 dialectic-essay-writing-tips

Students often face the task of writing various works. One of the types of student papers is a dialectic essay. What is the essence of this kind of text and how does it differ from other types of essays? The basic principle of dialectical writing is the search for a multitude of arguments and solutions of a problematic issue. Some kinds of papers require only one correct answer, but the dialectic text can consider all possible variants. In fact, writing this kind of work is interesting and useful practice; knowing some of the recommendations presented below, you can write a dialectical essay quite easily.

Dialectical Approach

The dialectical approach to research is the usage of objectively conditioned, scientifically developed, practically verified and most effective dialectical research principles in specific conditions, for example, mutual relations of general and special, quality and quantity, whole and part, principles of complexity, system, development, etc.

The word "dialectic" in philosophy can be used in various contexts. According to the New Philosophical Encyclopedia, all meanings of this word are given in the following definition: "Dialectics is a logical form and a universal way of reflexive theoretical thinking, which has its object of contradiction of its conceivable content."

In practice, there are two contexts, in which the word "dialectic" is usually used. Firstly, the so-called special way of philosophizing through dialogues. Such a method was once used by Socrates. Its essence is as following: instead of simple expressing of one's own thought, the philosopher finds an interlocutor and enters into conversation and opposing him or her, summing up the argument to the formulation of a certain final thesis. In this context, "dialectics is the ability of cognitive thinking to argue with oneself in the dialogue of thinking.

Secondly, the word dialectic is used in the meaning of the doctrine of the development, in which the basis of improvement is understood as the interaction and struggle of opposites. Bright examples of philosophical constructions, in which the emphasis is placed on this topic, are provided the works of Hegel.

Summing up, one can try to formulate an approximate result in the following way: dialectics is a special concept that considers the existence of contradictions as the basis for the development of the world, and a method, in which the presence of various competing points of view is considered as the basis for achieving objectivity in the process of cognition.

Rules of Dialectic Essay Writing

Choosing a Topic and Creating an Introduction

Choosing a proper topic is very important in dialectical writing. It is necessary to take a responsible approach to this and spend some time to find a suitable theme. The main thing is to find a subject that is rather controversial and has several alternative approaches to its research. It is also important that the object of your work is relevant and important in modern social life. In your introduction, you should clearly and briefly present the topic of your work and the problematic issues that you are going to explore.

Body of the Text

In this part of the paper, it is necessary to present several completely different approaches to solving a problematic issue. Build your work in the form of discussion. For example, in one paragraph, describe your main idea and its research methods. The next paragraph should deny your first theory and offer another cardinally different view of the problem. In the third paragraph, write the reasons why the second approach is not very rational and give new arguments in favor of the first option – the main thing is not to repeat those thoughts that you have already described in the first paragraph. This format of writing a text will help you demonstrate the diversity of different approaches, as well as reveal all the advantages and disadvantages of them.

Writing Conclusions

You must prove the correctness of your main approach to solving the problem issue in the conclusions to the work.  Note that there are also several other ways to consider the problem question, or refute them, referring to their inefficiency that you have found during the research process.

Knowing the basic principles of dialectics and the correct structure of a dialectic essay allows you to write a successful work and get high marks in college.