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IB Extended Essay Guide

IB Extended Essay Guide: Write Brilliant Papers with Us!

Our IB extended essay guide will be of great help for those who take part in the educational programs of the International Baccalaureate (IB) that covers the students in the age range from as young as 3 to as old as 19 years old. This reputable institution established in 1968 has a global reach and its education programs are popular among young people worldwide. For instance, only in 2017, the IB programs were taught in over 4,650 schools all around the world, namely in 152 countries. Overall, there are approximately 1.4 million students, and only in the United States, there are 1,700 schools with International Baccalaureate programs.

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One of the four directions in the framework of the International Baccalaureate Program is a Diploma Program for the students at the age of 16 -19. Only in 2016, the number of students in all the countries who took an exam in the IB Diploma Program was 150,000. The key requirement for this exam is to work on an extended essay that is assessed accordingly. The students should remember that it has a significant influence on the overall score. Thus, it is a matter of crucial importance to study the IB extended essay guidelines and then choose the topic that can bring you to the top ten of the IB students. So, let’s start.

How to Make an IB Extended Essay Cover Page and Other Parts Brilliant?

Learn how to make an IB extended essay cover page, table of contents, introduction, abstract, thesis, body, conclusion, and all other constituents of your important piece of writing excellent and start working on the top-notch paper!

IB Extended Essay Cover Page

You have to place your title indenting¼ of the page. You should create an original and creative title by following a simple rule– your research question cannot constitute the title. Your title should be based on the research question, but it should represent the essence of the whole paper and make the reader interested in exploring it. Usually, in the top left corner, there is a need to include a header:

Extended Essay (First Draft)

Advisor: Mr. or Ms._______

TOK Teacher ____________

Word count ______________


Page Numbers

The cover page should not include a page number. The rest of your essay pages should be numbered. To add a page number, you should use the “Insert” menu tab in MS Word.


Table of Contents

This part enumerates all sections included in essay writing (Abstract, Introduction, Main Body paragraphs, Conclusion, References/Biography, Appendices, etc.). Contacting professional IB extended essay help, you can always be sure that the arrangement and structuring is done correctly, but if you work on your paper personally, you should be careful about all the details. If your sections include topical subsections, be sure to add them to your Table of Contents. Please remember that all your points from the table of contents should introduce a specific page number. Your major essay parts should be bold, whereas other subsections should be indented from the left margin.


Your abstract should take no more than 250-300 words. It is a small summary or synopsis of your essay, which mentions the focus of writing. It should be written in 3rd person. You should state your research question. Sometimes instructors ask to include a word count of the abstract at the end of the page. Your abstract should be placed right after the Table of Contents.


Your task is to introduce the topic. Please provide enough details for the reader to properly comprehend your research question and what you attempt to discuss. Remember that in comparison with simple essay writing, an extended essay should be based on a clear research question. It remains the central idea of your paper, which should be explored in the whole paper. In order to reach good results in writing, you should focus on a narrow topic. Focusing on a limited scope and the narrowed topic will give you an opportunity to explore it to the full by providing relevant details only. Always state your research question in this essay part. Since extended essay writing usually takes around 4000 words, your introduction should include enough details about the research question under analysis. Usually, the introduction is a part that enables readers to see how well you can identify the research question, if you managed to gather relevant information and extract the essence, etc.

Do not forget not only to introduce your research question but also to state why it is worth exploring and what made you choose this specific topic (unless your topic was assigned by the professor). Every introductory paragraph should include a thesis statement or your hypothesis about the research question. Please differentiate between a thesis statement and research question. Your thesis of the extended essay should sound like an assertion or “backbone” of the research conducted on the topic. Sometimes researchers compare a thesis statement with research questions, claiming that it is a “game plan” used to reach and support the research question. Now you can move on to the creation of main body sections.

Thesis Statement

As we have already mentioned, it is a part that relates to the introduction. It should be placed at the end of the introductory paragraph. A writer should take a clear position and explain his/her point (main argument). Afterward, the rest of the paper should be a response to the suggested thesis. Make sure you include a clear, organized, and well-expressed thesis that does not imply any logical fallacy. Defend your thesis in the main body paragraphs and restate it in conclusion.

Main Body (Methodology and Results– If Applicable).

The main body sections vary depending on the discipline and your professor’s instructions. However, in extensive essays, one can usually find the following points:

  • An approach to exploring the research question.
  • Analysis of the research question along with the interpretation of evidence (be sure not only to include outside research but also evaluate it and state its importance).
  • Your own argumentation.

You can find the various options of how to organize your main body paragraphs in an IB extended paper on the web. However, the main point is to clearly express your research question and introduce relevant evidence only. Your arguments should sound convincing and valid. Do not think that presenting research ideas of others is a good way out.

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In essay writing, readers expect to see your standpoint as well. For this reason, you should apply both critical and analytical skills to impress your reader to accept your points of view. Remember that you should follow a specific plan by creating your main body sections. “Freewriting” should not be used because your main body sections must be clearly organized and based on specific evidence. It is preferable to refer to both primary and secondary sources. Always focus on credible sources only because your professor may claim that your textual evidence is of no scientific value.


Your conclusion should discuss the same research question but in different words. The task of a writer is to restate a thesis and provide a logical explanation of why it is correct. If you have some unsolved questions that require additional research, please mention it as well. Remember that concluding is more about summarizing what has been already stated before. Therefore, you should demonstrate your ability to arrive at logical conclusions instead of introducing new ideas. You should discuss the key notions from the paper.

Illustrations, Data, Charts, Graphs

If you want to add some visuals, be sure they are placed correctly in the text, following the main rules of an IB extended essay format. By adding an illustration, chart, graph, etc., you should follow specific formatting rules. Do not forget that all illustrations should be properly explained.


This section should include large illustrations that could not fit within the main body sections. Professors ask students to include and explain tables within the text if they do not significantly influence a general perception of information and do not distract readers’ focus.


You are bound to introduce outside research ideas in the paper, which should be properly cited. Depending on the chosen citation style, you will have to include footnotes/endnotes or parenthetical citations. Be sure you properly follow all referencing rules not to be blamed for plagiarism. You can use various guides online (e.g. Purdue Owl, Chicago Style Guide, etc.) that will show you how to correct formatting should look like. Remember that all used sources should be both cited within the text and reflected in the reference list. Your reference or bibliography list should be alphabetically arranged. In an extended essay, students usually have to utilize around 15 sources. History papers usually include 30-40 references in the list.

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Sometimes professors ask to submit drafts of extensive essays. They should include a shortened version of your paper with all the abovementioned sections. Your paper should be clearly organized and remain visually attractive. Use Times New Roman or a similar font. Do not forget about transitions that will make reading smooth. Make sure that you follow your IB extended essay outline and avoid all kinds of inconsistencies. Always proofread your paper before submission or ask someone to help you correct all grammar and formatting mistakes.

How to Write an Extended Essay IN: Choosing an Effective Topic

No student can say that they know how to write an extended essay IB perfectly well without any guidance and consultations from the experts. According to the procedures, it is a must for the IB students to take the subjects out of the six subject groups. Choosing one out of each group, every student gets a selection of six in total. However, there is an exception. It is possible to skip taking a subject from the group Arts (sixth group), so it is allowed to take any other subject from the remaining groups. It is important to make the right choice of the topics for an IB EE. It is generally accepted to ensure the relationship between the topic and the chosen subject, and it is obligatory to make sure that the subject is covered in the course that is incorporated in the mentioned six categories (groups):

  • Category 1: Language and literature studies – an extended essay IB in this group belongs to such subjects as Native Language of the student, Language, and Literature (combined), Literature, and Performance (as an interdisciplinary discipline).
  • Category 2: Acquisition of the language – this is the group of an extra language to learn (in both options: studying the language from scratch and improving the available knowledge).
  • Category 3: Societies and Individuals – an IB extended essay in this group belongs to such disciplines as Economics, Business Management, Geography, Philosophy, Global Politics, History, World Religion, IT in the Global Society, Environmental Systems and Societies, Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, Social Anthropology, and other courses in social science and humanities.
  • Category 4: The IB extended essays are given in the framework of experimental sciences such as Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology, Exercise and Health Science, Sport, Design Technology, an interdisciplinary course of Environmental Systems, an interdisciplinary course of Societies and Nature of Science, and others.
  • Category 5: Mathematics.
  • Category 6: Group of Arts, including Theatre, Visual Arts, Dance, Foreign Languages, Music, and Movies.

IB Extended Essay Topics: 100 Brilliant Ideas for You!

Have a look at a list of IB extended essay topics that can excite the interest of any reader and choose the one that you consider to be the best one!

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Choosing an IB extended essay topic is a great challenge for the students and not everyone likes such a complicated task. Some of them enjoy taking an assignment that requires great effort, while others hate the tension it creates. What is the key to writing a top-notch essay of this type? First of all, you have to choose the subject that excites your interest and develop a question that you will focus your research on. It can be really tough to come up with an original idea and select a research question that can motivate you to work hard and make your professor believe that you are a brilliant student. An approximate length of an essay is 4,000 words, and it is a challenge to express all the thoughts and ideas in a specific number of words. But the biggest challenge is to follow an IB extended essay rubric and be inspired by the topic selected for such a responsible task. Create your own question using our prompts and feel confident in yourself!


  1. Is it right to refer to the British Parliamentary reform act of 1832 as to an outstanding one?
  2. Are there any similar features between the rise to power of such notorious leaders as Mussolini and Hitler?
  3. What was a specific approach of Mao to the arising problems?
  4. What is the most appropriate definition of reforms implemented by Tsar Alexander II in Russia: a failure or a success?
  5. Were there any circumstances that made the bombing of Dresden justifiable in 1945?
  6. Why were Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombed and what were the consequences?
  7. What were the characteristic features of conquering Britain by the Roman Empire?
  8. Analyze the rhetoric of Roosevelt concerning the involvement in World War II against the Nazis.
  9. What are the historical background and the lessons of the Terracotta Army? How do they characterize the society of China at that time?
  10. Explain how Poland was simultaneously invaded by the USSR and Nazi Germany in 1939.

English Literature

  1. Make a comparison of the books written by Jane Austen
  2. What is the image of the present-day society through the prism of Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller? What is the author’s vision of the American Dream?
  3. How is racism presented by Joseph Conrad in his A Heart of Darkness?
  4. Is it possible to escape the influence of the family? How does Chris McCandless manage to do that in Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer? Are his attempts successful?
  5. The image of Severus Snape is very ambiguous. Is it the same in such novels as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone? Does J.K. Rowling make him look different?
  6. Draw parallels between the monster created by Mary Shelley in Frankenstein and Gregor Samsa, a character from Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka
  7. Give three bright examples of noble people and noble acts from the literature.
  8. How is human nature presented in Metamorphosis by Kafka?
  9. How is religion presented in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte?
  10. Is Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse always interpreted in the right manner? What is the most common misinterpretation of it?
  11. Daniel Keyes presents his view of intelligence in Flowers for Algernon. What are its key benefits?
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  1. Is the setting of industries impacted by any geographical factors? How does it happen in city N?
  2. Present the results of the investigation into the crucial importance of keeping the quality of water in a particular country high.
  3. What is the attitude to the management of biodiversity in the city N?
  4. Present the results of the investigation into the issues of sustainability in the city N.
  5. Is the fertility rate of women in the country N impacted by the level of employment and education?
  6. Is there any impact of the access of the nation to the sea on the mentality of the people?
  7. Role of oceanography in maintaining water clean.
  8. What is the evolution in the scope of knowledge about the terrestrial crust in the course of the last one hundred years?
  9. What is the response of the ecosystem in the Caribbean area to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill?
  10. 10. Was the theory on the origin of species by Darwin influenced by any geological evidence?
  11. What is the role of climate change in coral bleaching across the Great Barrier Reef?

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