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Crafting Compelling College Personal Essay Topics

Good Personal Essay Topics and Writing Tips

If you are willing to succeed in personal essay writing, then you need to study some good personal essay topics and writing tips collected by our creative experts. We all like to tell exciting stories to our friends sharing our experiences with them. Sometimes, we need to discuss important events, share our impressions, or tell something really personal. Well, if you know how to write interesting stories putting your ideas into the paper professionally, then you know how to write college personal essays. However, although many students are supposed to write personal essays in their colleges, they may lack a proper understanding how such a paper should look like.

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To cope with this assignment well, one should clearly understand its purpose. Although writing a personal essay is not very difficult, there are some features that should be taken into consideration when working on this paper. If you want to receive a good grade for your personal essay, you should not only follow the professor`s guidelines precisely but you should also tell a compelling story that would engage your reader. If your essay is too boring or shallow, you won`t be able to get the anticipated outcome. In our guide, you will find a lot of practical personal essay writing tips, as well as interesting topics that will help you grown into a professional writer.

What Is a Personal Essay?

Before you figure out how to write a good-looking personal essay, you should clearly understand what is a personal essay and why it should be written. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you need to write a personal essay? Perhaps, you may think that you need to
write something personal. Well, this statement is correct. The primary goal of such an essay is to tell your target audience about your feelings, as well as to describe them in a way that would make your paper engaging and thought-provoking. Pay attention that your personal essay is not an autobiographical piece but it is rather a description of the specific episode you have experienced in your life. Also, you may describe a situation that has made you reconsider your values or learn new things. Have a look at what can be a basis for your personal essay:

  • Your response to an important event;
  • Description of a special place you have visited.
  • A meaningful episode from your life;
  • Description of the person, who has played an important role in your life;

Even if you know what is a personal essay, it is not a guarantee that you will succeed with this task. Your personal essay should include interesting ideas and insights that would resonate with your readers. That is why you need to pay special attention to the content and structure of your essay. By writing your essay thoughtfully and following your guidelines, you will be able to produce an unmatched piece that will bring you the desired outcome. The best personal essays are always clear, engaging, and well-structured.

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How long should a personal essay be? As for the length, a personal essay may vary from 300 to 600 words. For more detailed instructions, you will need to check the prompt provided by your tutor.

Tips for Writing a Persuasive Essay

Below, you will find a couple of practical tips for writing a persuasive essay that will help you figure out how to turn a simple essay into a true masterpiece:

  • The show, don`t tell. The characteristic difference of a personal essay from other academic papers is that it allows drawing a vivid picture in the heads of your readers. In addition to providing your audience with useful information, you will need to help them turn their imagination on;
  • Use your personal point of view. A personal essay is one of a few academic tasks where you may state your personal viewpoint. No matter what personal essay format you need to follow, it is absolutely acceptable to use the first person. By applying this technique, you will allow your reader to feel the situation better;
  • Follow the common personal essay structure. In means that you need to include an interesting introduction, a detailed main body, and a strong conclusion in your essay;
  • Use interesting ideas. When writing your personal essay, you may take ideas from your life. In other words, you will need to write about everything that inspires you. To some extent, you can imagine that you are writing a diary in which you write your feelings and emotions;
  • Pay attention to the hook. Keep in mind that your reader will probably put your essay away if they don`t find anything interesting in it from the first lines. A skilled writer knows that there should be a hook, a statement that would engage the reader making them follow the rest of the ideas. For a hook, you may include an appropriate joke or an interesting quote. In other words, it can be anything that would help you grab the reader`s attention and make them read your essay;
  • Use the active voice. When writing a personal essay, you should not forget that you are a narrator. Thus, your essay should have a conversational tone;
  • Do not include too many descriptions. Clarity of your ideas is the shortest way to writing a great essay. By including too long descriptions or other irrelevant details, you will probably make your reader get bored. Pay attention that you may get rid of all the irrelevant ideas and awkward statements when revising your essay;
  • Give yourself enough time. Although writing personal essay for college is a pretty simple task, you should not leave it until the last day. By managing your deadline properly, you will be able to dedicate enough time to planning, writing, and revising your essay;
  • Don`t pretend. If you would like to include the facts that are fake just to look better in the eyes of your reader, you will never succeed. Pay attention that your audience will easily recognize if you are not honest with them;
  • Don`t be afraid to tell about your failures. Although it is recommended to make your personal essay look positive, you should not be afraid to tell about your failures. Our failures are an integral part of our life, which helps us grow mentally. As such, when telling about the challenges you had to overcome, you should also tell what lessons you have learned from these challenges;
  • Tell me about your major achievements. Whenever it is appropriate, you will need to tell about your main achievements and assets because you have to be proud of them;
  • Don`t use your personal essay to look for excuses. You need to write your personal essay in such a way not to put special attention to your mistakes.

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We assure you that by following our practical suggestions, you will definitely succeed in writing personal essays that will please the most demanding audience. If you are not sure how a good personal essay should look like, you may check some well-written samples available on the web. However, you should understand that a good personal essay should be written about you, your achievements, and your experiences.

Personal Essay Topics

To create great personal essays, you need to work with the best personal essay topics. If you are not certain what subject to choose for your essay, you should check our helpful suggestions collected by our talented writers.

Since you are writing a college personal essay, it is particularly important to choose a topic that would tell your reader more about you. Before you select any topic, you will need to brainstorm your ideas in order to pick up a subject that would match your interests. Ideally, you will need to create a personal essay outline that will include all points you may want to discuss in your essay. You should understand that only by writing an essay on a topic that is interesting to you, you will be able to enjoy the writing process and make your essay interesting for your reader. Although the process of choosing an appropriate topic may take a considerable amount of time, it will significantly economize the time spent on academic writing. If you are lacking interesting ideas for writing your personal essay, have a look at the subjects collected by our experts:

  • How I lost my close person;
  • Life in a multi-dimensional path. It is important to know where to move;
  • What would I purchase if I had one billion dollars;
  • Why self-control is necessary? My real-life experience;
  • People should learn from the mistakes of other people;
  • A moment when I did the wrong thing. How to live with the sense of guilt?
  • My experience attending a concert of a famous pop-artist;
  • Animals are our closest friends. Tell about your childhood memories related to animals;
  • How did you learn to drive a car? Describe your feelings;
  • What makes you happy?
  • What is your favorite way of New Year celebration?
  • Describe your eating habits;
  • Tell about a significant accident you have witnessed;
  • Have you ever met a famous person? What would you do if you meet your favorite TV star?
  • Describe the most interesting trip in your life;
  • What does it mean to be a human?
  • Explain your position on animal testing;
  • Getting a tattoo. Pros and cons based on your experience;
  • Importance of healthy lifestyle choice;
  • Why a hobby should not be turned into a career?
  • Is it ethical to test products on animals?
  • How to help our world survive?
  • Why do I watch TV?
  • How to turn our world into a better place?
  • Importance of parents in making my life choices;
  • What lessons have made me stronger?
  • How should people deal with stress and pressure? Tell me about your experience.

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By choosing some of the ideas provided above for your writing inspiration, you will be able to create a marvelous piece that will bring you a good outcome. However, if you have no time or excellent writing skills, you should get in touch with our writing team and we will provide you with a document that will fully meet and exceed your expectations. We have been providing our customers with customized personal essays for many years helping them achieve their academic goals successfully. No matter how urgent or challenging your task is, you can rely on us and we won`t let you down because we used to deliver the best online writing services to our clients.

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