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Whatever the nature of your written assignment or project, BestCustomPapers.com can provide exactly the right type and amount of assistance.  Whether you are looking for a simple essay, a major academic research work, any part of a project, or review and revision, we have a professional academician ready to serve that need!  We provide services to students from high school through Ph.D. programs, and no work is too small or too large!

Essays of All Types

Formal essays are assigned primarily in English classes.  Students may be asked to write a variety of types – exposition, description, narration, comparison/contrast, persuasion, etc., and these can be difficult for one who does not enjoy writing or who understands that writing is not a specific strength. 

College admissions essays, whether for undergraduate or graduate programs, can be a daunting task for busy students who are completing homework assignments, trying to maintain good grades, and yet attempting to showcase themselves to admissions committees.  We can take your background, experiences, and activities and turn them into a creative, beautifully written piece that will catch the eyes of discerning decision-makers!

Term/Research Papers

From high school through graduate programs, students will be asked to write term/research papers on a variety of topics in required classes for which they have little interest.  These are difficult to create, when one finds the topic un-motivating or has difficulty synthesizing the works and writings of others into a coherent, well-organized paper, complete with resource citations and solid presentation of information and data.   Our professionals can provide any or all steps in the process of producing these papers – the research, the outline, the rough and final drafts, the notes, and the bibliography.  Whatever the topic, we have an academician with the appropriate degree for your academic level and the academic background in the content field.


From time to time, you will be asked to provide written responses to material that has been read or discussed in class.  These assignments may include your opinion, reflection, or, in some cases, some individual research on the topic and an ensuing written report.  Whatever the assignment, we can product a perfectly-written piece for you!   You are welcome to send us samples of your own writing, in fact, so that your writer can emulate your style.

Analyses and Critiques

Whether a book, a treatise, a journal article, or any myriad of items you may be expected to read and analyze/critique, you can count on the pros at BestCustomPapers.com to provide exactly what you need in creative and unique ways.   All of these can be written, of course, in a style that is similar to yours.


We have a large staff of Ph.D. researchers and writers in every academic field of study, who stand ready to produce outstanding theses for our clients.  We can assist with the research only, the synthesis of the research, the preparation of your outline and table of contents, with any individual section, or, the entire work.  Data can be gathered, and all pertinent charts and graphs produced with accuracy and flair.  Whatever your need, in part or in whole, BestCustomPapers.com is the “go to” place for thesis assistance!


A once-in-a-lifetime work, no Ph.D. candidate can take the chance of producing anything less than a top-quality dissertation.  It is the culminating work of one’s graduate studies and must pass the “muster” of an entire committee, be orally defended, and be found appropriate as a scholarly endeavor worthy of the institution and the specific department.  If you are at all unsure about your ability to create each critical section of your dissertation, do not hesitate to contact BestCustomPapers.com.  We have a Ph.D. in your topic area, ready and willing to provide the highest quality assistance and writing available anywhere.  Whether you are struggling with a single chapter or with the entire work, an individually assigned researcher and writer will provide whatever assistance you need, up to the complete creation of the work.  Contact us, and let’s discuss your options and pricing arrangements.

Annotated Bibliographies

These are more than a basic listing of resources used for research.  Annotated bibliographies must provide specific information about the author(s) and focus of their research, thus requiring some prose writing in addition to the mere specifics of the author, title, publication and date.  We can provide any client with beautifully written annotated bibliographies for any resource used.  Our academic writing professionals have vast experience in this, so you can be assured that the product will be superior in every way!

Research Proposals

At the graduate level, professors and/or advisors will require research proposals to be submitted, especially for theses and dissertations and certain other works.  If you have the topic and the central focus ideation, we have the writers who can create a first-rate proposal for you!

Editing Services

If you have completed a written piece or work, but are unsure of its quality, you can count on BestCustomPapers.com’s staff of proofreaders and editors to go over your work, correct all errors, and make suggestions for improving the overall organizational structure and fluency of the piece.  An objective look at your work will provide the best feedback of all!

FINAL NOTE:  Remember – no project is too small or large, too broad or too specific for BestCustomPapers.com.  We stand ready to assist you with virtually any written work you need.  Contact us for a customized quote, and let our service meet your every need!