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The web is full of many different custom writing sites. These sites prey on students who are looking for custom writing services. A student may go to these sites and state, “I want to write my paper” and in return, receive a low quality, unoriginal paper. All these sites claim the same things. They state that they are the best in the business, yet have nothing to support their claims. Our site is different. At BestCustomPapers.com, we not only have a constantly increasing amount of orders, we also have several thousand customers that have come to us saying, “I want to write my paper”, and left completely satisfied.


We have a few different ways to ensure that our writing services stand out from every other custom writing site on the web today. Our writing team is comprised of native English speaking professional writers. Our experts are required to have, at the least, a Masters degree or a PhD in different fields of study, and also need to plenty of research experience as well. When you tell us, “I want to write my paper”, you will be happy to know that not only will you be dealing with experienced writers, you will be receiving 100% plagiarism free, original paper. Not only is our team of writers able to adhere to whatever format you need for your project, our editors will proof-read the papers as well. The editing service does not only apply to our custom written papers. You can bring us a paper that you have written, any subject, any topic, it does not matter. Our editors will proof-read, edit, and if necessary, rework the paper for you as well.


Making the decision to come to us and say, “I want to write my paper”, may very well be one of the best decisions you make throughout your academic career. Coming to us for your custom written paper is a choice that ensures you will receive top notch work, that is tailored to your specific requirements. Regardless of the deadline, no matter how short it is, we can provide you with high quality products. However, if you come to us saying, “I want to write my paper within 24 hours,” and that paper is a thesis, or dissertation, there is an exception in that case. No matter what other writing services may offer you, a quality thesis or dissertation cannot be accomplished within 24 hours, unless it is a copied, unoriginal paper.  Our high standards ensure that no plagiarism is involved in our custom written papers. Our writing staff is required to provide unique and original papers,  with grounds for dismissal if any unoriginal work is submitted.  You can also rest easy knowing that your specific custom written paper will never be sold to anyone else. You are the sole owner of your specific paper and have all rights to it.

When you come to us and tell us “I want to write my paper”, you can know that regardless of what level your paper is at, whether it is at the beginning stages or you just need final editing, our editing and writing services will be available to you. We can help you from the very beginning of your project, such as writing an outline or a rough draft, or simply helping with formatting. We can also help you with the final stages of a completed paper as well. No matter what stage of editing you are at with your assignment, our editing services can be of assistance to you. Our number one concern is that you receive the exact paper you are seeking, and our writing and editing staff will make sure that you leave our site completely satisfied. 

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