Someone to Write My Essay

“I Need Someone to Write My Essay,” is Promptly Answered by BestCustomPapers.com!

There are many definitions of the work "essay."  It can be any of the following among students in English-speaking nations of this planet.  When someone states, “I need someone to write my essay,” it could be any of the following:


  • A high school English student is required to produce basic 5-paragraph essays of several varieties – narratives, descriptions, personal experiences or statements, character sketches, comparison/contrast, persuasive, etc.
  • A high school or undergraduate student is being asked to respond to the writings of others in creative and analytical ways.
  • A high school or undergraduate needs a work that involves research and compilation of information and/or data into a cohesive work, formatted and cited correctly
  • A graduate student needs any part or all of a thesis or dissertation produced – a complex work involving the coordinated efforts of several professionals and the complete collaboration of the client placing the order.

So, we understand that the term “essay” means many things, throughout the English-speaking world.  Whatever country you are in (U.S., UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa), when you state, "I need someone to write my essay," we will say, "Of course!”"  We will give you exactly what you need based upon your specified need.

Our Process

Once you realize that you need, “someone to write my essay,” and you come to BestCustomPapers.com, we will ask you to complete an order form.  In this form, you will specify exactly what you need, what type of writing is required, what type of research, if any, will be necessary, the length, the topic in as much detail as possible, the format, the resource citation requirement, etc.  Every detail is critical if the customization is to be successful.

The second step is for us to analyze the order fully. Once this is accomplished, we determine the writer most qualified to complete the work in the most effective and successful manner.  For example, an English expert with a Bachelor’s degree will create basic essays for high school students.  A writer with a Master’s degree in the specific field of study will produce essays/papers for undergraduate students. Only teams of writers and researchers with Ph.D. degrees will work on theses and dissertations.

The third step is to connect the client with the writer or team of writers.  They will communicate with one another, and this ensures that the work created is exactly right! Nevertheless, if there are revisions requested on the final draft, they will be completed at no charge

The fourth step is delivery of the final product to the client – these are always great moments for both writer and client.  The task is completed, the client is thrilled, and the writer is both satisfied and paid for his or her hard work.

As always, BestCustomPapers.com guarantees that each piece of writing produced is 100% original, and our editors ensure this through a plagiarism scan on each piece once it is completed.

Why would you say, “I need someone to write my essay,” to any other academic writing organization?  At BestCustomPapers.com, you are in control of what and how our order is produced.  You are in control of all of the specification; you are in control of the timeline.  In short, your need is the tantamount consideration!