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Philippa Foot on Utilitarianism and the Virtues

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Utilitarianism states that welfare is the highest principle of a human activity. Everything, what is useful for people or promotes their welfare, is good for people. The labor is useful for the formation of the human mind. The moderate way of life or unpleasant medicines are useful for the preservation of life. Based on the […]

Throughout the1980s, Benny Morris, Avi Shlaim and Ilan Pappe amongst others disputed the set up conventional account concerning the Arab-Israeli clash. These individuals called themselves the new historians. The subject of preference and confront was the 1947-1949 conflict for Israel and Palestine. On the other hand, Anita Shapira wrote to lament on the unsuccessfulness of these new […]

The wine industry is a special sphere that depends on many factors such as climate and can develop only in particular countries in the world. Turkey is one of the wine produces but has several specialties of industry development. Wine is produced in Turkey in several regions. The highest quality wines come from the Izmir […]

Treatment essay

April 25, 2020

When the human body is attacked by pathogenic agents such as bacterial, viral, protozoa and other disease causing micro- organisms, the immune system mount a defense mechanism against the alien agent and as such one may fail ill or sick. Consequently and individual may fall sick as a result of pathogenic tissue and organ destructions […]

Abstract The K-12 and other tertiary education systems of California have been the concern of various education scholars in the USA. The frequent underperformance index and the small number of teaching staff raise further curiosity following the maximum government spending on education in the United States as compared to other nations. The government definitely overspends […]

It is  common for a person to report to his or her place of work or school looking fatigued and confused not because they worked or read the whole night but because they did not have enough sleep. The result of this is that the person will be less productive or attentive in his/her duties […]

Workaholism (ergomania) has been describe as the addiction to work or rather the victim is compelled to work and tends to neglect a lot of things while doing so even him or herself. Like Workaholism, alcoholism (alcohol dependency) is the addiction to alcohol. In this case, the victim tends to consume a lot of alcohol […]

Mandatory conscription refers to the compulsory recruitment and induction of people into the armed forces. The conscript gives involuntary labor to the military service of his country. The government whereby able-bodied and medically fit people are recruited authorizes conscription. Conscription is colloquially known as draft: Most governments use conscription when voluntary enrolment fails to meet […]

Dualism is the concept that depicts the presence of two equal but opposing parts or forces within the same body. Borrowing from this concept, then Christian dualism can be defined as the belief in good and bad as the two parts that counter each other. Taking this definition, the two opposing forces could be assumed […]

The study, understanding, analyzing and interpretation of human behavior is one of the most complex issues that most scientist go through in their research on a day to day basis. It is however important to note that this study of human behavior has been in practice for thousands and thousands of years and as the […]

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