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In the United States, a proximate 700,000 people are released from prison annually. Ex-prisoners are faced with a range of challenges that are compounded by obstacles to successful reentry such (i.e. credit and legal record) (Heller and Cook, 2010).  Rates of recidivism are high in most states. Criminology scholars and professionals in law enforcement tend […]

During the periods of colonialism in Africa, we find that African identity was determined and shaped by the powers of perception of the colonialist. Africans were primitive, their land was wild, the people were wild, and had never attempted to create civilization on their own and were naturally not in a position of doing so. […]

Earthquakes essay

April 25, 2020

Introduction Earthquakes entail the sudden release of energy from the earth’s crust. The seismic waves enhance the occurrence of the quake and causes damage owing to different magnitudes of occurrence. The extents of the earthquakes are measured using the Ritcher scale.  The manifestation of the earthquakes occurs through shaking hence causing displacements on the ground. […]

In the realm of contextualized leisure, the approach taken to leisure and, culture is mostly led by structure focused on leisure which recognizes the various department and different policies organized around both leisure and culture. Leisure is a condition exhibited in the mind or quality of experience. Leisure can be distinguished by personal freedom to […]

Stem Cells essay

April 25, 2020

Introduction In biological research, stem cells are very critical in propagation and development of new strains and forms of the organism and plants. This research paper will give the type and functional importance of the stem cells. They are essential in that they are basic units of reproduction or development of new species and generations. […]

Taxation can simply be defined as the action of imposing taxes or as the act of taxing. Most governments practice this act of money collection from citizens and businesses within their domain to help support their operations. The US being a federal republic with autonomous states and a number of local governments, taxation is becomes […]

The adult life cycle of aging has three distinct stages namely; young adult life, middle stage and late life stage respectively. In this paper our major concern is on the late stage on adulthood. Social theories such as activity theory, disengagement theory, exchange theory, continuity theory and gerotranscendence theory each in their own unique way […]

College of William & Mary of the United States The college was founded by Reverend Dr. James Blair in the year 1693 and situated in the home town of Williamsburg and in the state of Virginia on a suburban setting. He named the college in honor of King William III and Queen Mary II who […]

Evidently, the question of media violence cannot just be abandoned anytime soon. The unprecedented rise in high school shootings both in US and parts of Europe, (Paquet 1).have sparked renewed deliberations on whether media violence instigates real life violence and why as discussed in this essay. First is aggression among the youth. Though a perennial […]

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