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Persepolis and Maus

What Are Literary Essays and Why Are They Needed?

Quite often college assignments require the writer to base their writing on a work of literature such as a novel, play, poem, or something similar. Professors use these written assignments to assess how well the student is able to analyze and evaluate a literary text. Literary essays mostly apply to students studying humanitarian subjects, but some technical disciplines can involve literature analysis or writing on the history of art. Moreover, students are expected to complete these assignments even if they do not possess very good writing skills or have not previously written essay of this type.

However, what actually are literary essays and what type of analysis do they entail? In its basic form, the definition of a literary essay suggests it is a written piece of approximately 250 words to 300 words (although your tutor or professor may specify a different length so it is best to double-check requirements) and its purpose is to analyze a literary piece. This analysis may cover all or just some aspects of, for instance, a poem or novel in terms of its style and its general contribution to the field of literature. It usually also reflects on the techniques and instruments used by an author e.g. the book’s plot, the language, and other elements. Alternatively, such an essay might focus on just some of the above-mentioned elements. The purpose of this type of essay is quite similar to that of an article or book critique even in the way it is written. But the subject being critically analyzed will be a work of literature rather than an article.

The Best Way to Approach a Literary Essay

Prior to beginning to write, it will be necessary to read the work that needs analyzing. It may be that you read a shorter or condensed version of the work, one that is specially designed to enable students to complete the task in a shorter timeframe. Choose particular characters or sections from the plot that you feel are important and read, say, an overview about the writing style and literary form of the text e.g. whether it is a drama, prose, or poetic piece. These types all have distinct features and it is possible you will need to analyze them from a global perspective if you are to complete your essay in the best way possible. At all times keep in mind that a literary work should be examined and analysed from many different angles and sides. It is also advisable you select suitable quotes from the work as you read it in order to be able to mention or refer to these throughout your essay, and even include direct quotes. In any case, it is likely you will have to return repeatedly to the poem or novel you are analyzing during the writing process since the direction of your writing may alter and/or need adjustment as you go along.

Persepolis is a book written by Marjane satrapi in a comic way whereby she talks about her childhood life up to her early adult stage. Marjane satrapi was born in Rasht in Italy. She was brought up in Tehran. She was motivated to write this book when she was at Lycee Françoise School. While here, […]

The Aeneid is poetic work written by Virgil in the Latin language during the last times of the 1st century. He was born on 15th October B.C.E. within a minute village which boarders Mantua in North Italy. The Aeneid is a true example of Roman Civilization. Throughout the epic, Virgil shows many examples of arête, […]

In the contemporary world, we usually experience derail and/or achievements in our endeavors and, in most cases, the results are usually unexpected. The changing lifestyle and the activities that individuals undertake in their daily chores characterize the individual’s perception of the overall life.  In the story The Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway, Santiago […]

The central theme in the Tale of Kieu appears to be human abilities and shortcomings. Thuc Ky Tam’s character is a good example of a man who owns both of these characteristics. Thuc appears as a client of the brothel in which Kieu is seized. His family is explained as a well up family and […]

Nineteen Eight-Four is a dystopian novel that was written by George Orwell in the year 1949. The novel revolves around a collectivist oligarchical society. It reflects life in the oceanic province that is a world of perpetual war, incessant public mind control, and persuasive government surveillance (Benstead 34). In his novel, George Orwell reflects that […]

Big Sur essay

April 25, 2020

The Novel Big Sur The novel, Big Sur, tells on the life of the author Jack Kerouac who takes the character name Jack Duluoz in the novel. Therefore the novel is an autobiography which based on the miserable life of the author apart from being a successful writer and a celebrity in the society in […]

Novel “Christ in Concrete” by Pietro di Donato The novel “Christ in Concrete” by Pietro di Donato shows the life, work and community of Italian immigrants living in the City of New York in the 1920s. Paul, who is the protagonist, acts as a bridge between two cultures; the Italian and American cultures, as he […]

Originally printed in 1966, Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49 is imprinted with an irresistible ambiance of the disreputable sixties where capitalism won over America. In familial facet, the consequences of McCarthyism and the devastating conclusion of interference in Vietnam War stimulated broad mistrust to the government and a disquieting sentiment amongst the public. […]

Chinua Achebe in his novel No Longer at Ease mirrors a society deep rooted in conservative traditions, and scourge of corruption that tears down the contemporary Nigerian society. The protagonist, Obi Okonkwo is engulfed in events that moulds his destiny and succumbs to decision of vulnerability.obi is raised of Ibo tribe, Umuofia village by a […]

The uniting theme in Susan Minton story ‘lust’ , David Updike story ‘summer’ and john Updikes story ,A & P is the theme of desire. In this paper, I explore the presentation of the theme of desire in each story and point out the differences and the similarities in the presentation of the theme in […]

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