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Levi’s Stadium Industrial Engineering Essay

Step-by-Step Instruction on How to Write an Essay about Architecture

In a broad sense, the term “Architecture” is identified as a particular construction occupying an empty space. The discussion held on architectural issues may be of different nature, i.e. historical, psychological, or anthropological. When writing an essay about architecture, you are to pick a specific topic, examine it in detail, and produce a paper presenting valid content. If you create your essay properly, it will leave readers with a lasting impression.

Main Steps to Writing an Essay about Architecture:

  • Narrow the chosen subject

If you are intended to write an essay on architecture, it is the same as producing a paper in art, for example. Classify the topics within the given area into groups according to their geographical, historical, or any other features and choose the issue you want to explore.

  • Do in-depth research

When exploring your subject, you may need to study critical reviews relating to your topic.

  • Mind the writing style

The majority of papers written on architecture are of analytical nature meaning they are based on hard facts only. However, you may choose to produce a persuasive essay. This is the most appropriate type of the paper if you want to persuade readers in the effectiveness of a certain architectural decision, for example.

  • Create an outline

Present the core of your essay, i.e. a thesis statement. Then, choose sound arguments among those you have collected while making research. Gathered material should be organized into the body section.

  • Produce an introduction

It should be concise presenting your thesis statement.

  • Prepare the body

Each paragraph should be focused on discussing one idea which has to be backed up with strong evidence. The concepts you develop should be closely connected with a thesis statement.

  • Write a conclusion

Its aim is to restate a thesis. This section should be of the same length as the introductory one.

Design Features Levi’s Stadium is a 1.85 million square foot stadium located in Santa Clara, California (Rodriguez, 2015). This stadium can host about 68,500 fans, and it comprises 9,000 club seats, community space, 165 luxury suites, 49ers Hall of fame, open pedestrian plazas, and 49ers team store (Rodriguez, 2015). This stadium was purposely built for […]

History of Asphalt Asphalt, also known as bitumen, is a dark viscous substance that can be both naturally formed and artificially manufactured for a variety of uses. Strictly speaking, “asphalt is a mix of bitumen, sand and stone but, confusingly, the word is also used to describe bitumen without the additions” (Reid, 2015, p. 82). […]

Power of place means that it is a place that matters because it helps tell the story of a state and a nation, who people are, and where they come from. Places could be considered as “symbolic” whenever they have some value to a group of people and give an identity to the people. The […]

The topic of the research paper is sustainable design. The importance of the assignment is predetermined by the fact that sustainable design is a region of the complex design activity, which tends to  implement convergence requirements of the natural environment and culture. It causes the need to integrate the values achieved by previous generations of […]

In order to achieve proper functioning of urban cities, urban planning is necessary because it helps in setting up goals and strategies that planners use. Good urban planning is necessary because it helps in setting city’s priorities to serve the needs of its citizens. Cairo is one of the cities that are constantly involved in […]

Qasr Al Hosn is an Ancient Building in Abu Dhabi It is a well preserved cultural monument that provides an insight into the preservation of other cultural monuments. Qasr Al Hosn is thought to have been built between 1761 and 1793. The interior yard of the building was designed using traditional Arab style architecture and […]

Malacrino, C. (2010). Constructing the ancient world: architectural techniques of the Greeks and Romans. Los Angeles, CA: Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. In this book, Malacrino attempts to show the importance of Ancient Roman architecture for future generations. He argued that many hundred years after that period architects used techniques of Roman counterparts that were […]

The Chicago Water Tower Paul indicates that contemporary architecture has its roots in the American heartland, Chicago. The city of Chicago was burnt down in the 1870s due to a horrifying conflagration that caused a lot of damage. The city had to be rebuilt from scratch. The new birth of the city became the foundation […]

Islamic manuscripts are scripts in which the written text has added some decorations such as borders or paints which make them very unique, in simple terms the illuminated manuscript refers to decoration using gold and silver. In Islamic, manuscripts the technique of illumination is used. It is considered the glory of Islamic art, which started […]

The Story of the Monastery A small Portuguese town – Batalha – is situated near the town of Lisbon, and its main attraction is the Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitoria. Another name of the monastery, known mainly to the Portuguese, is the Monastery of the Battle. According to history, in 1385 King John I […]

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