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Critical Analysis: Means of Making a Comprehensive Evaluation

A critical piece of writing is focused on assessing somebody’s project, performance or any other work to help readers understand it properly. As to a critical analysis, it is a paper of a subjective character presenting writer’s personal viewpoint on the analyzed matter. Analyzing the issue means critically evaluating each its section. When performing a critical analysis, one needs to study thoroughly the examined project and then produce a critical piece of writing.

Take the following steps to critically evaluate the chosen work:

  • Define writer’s objective.
  • Examine the paper structure and highlight its chief points.
  • If you do not know the meaning of some terms mentioned in the analyzed work, use a dictionary.
  • Produce an outline of the examined piece or briefly describe its ideas.
  • Present a concise synopsis of the paper.

Identify whether the discussed work is aimed at:

  1. providing data about the topic
  2. convincing readers of something
  3. amusing readers
  • Determine the technique used by the author to achieve the purpose of writing

If the work is meant for informing readers about something, define whether the data are provided correctly.

If the paper is created to make readers share writer’s opinion about the matter, check whether compelling arguments are presented.

If the piece of writing is produced to amuse readers, assess its effect on them. Does the work make you feel happy or sad?

Additionally, answer the following questions:

  • Is the work organized coherently?
  • Whom does the author address?
  • What does the writer think about the audience?
  • What language is the paper written in?

Consider the Following Points:

Do not start the sentences with such phrases as “To my mind…” or “As for me…”. You need to concentrate on the discussed subject only. Remember to present the analyzed piece. Though readers know what work you are analyzing, you still need to provide its title.

When critically analyzing a particular project, you should also give answers to the following questions:

  • Does the matter under consideration provoke a discussion?
  • Does the analyzed subject awaken burning interest?
  • Can the work be considered worthy? Why?
  • What are the strong and weak points of the paper?

Note that your thesis has to be backed up with the facts taken from the analyzed text. Remember to provide quotations. Do not forget that the main task of a critical analysis paper is not only to inform readers about the matter, but also to assess its quality and usefulness.

Being objective and fully aware of the investigated subject is of cardinal importance when producing a critical piece of writing. Certainly, you can share your point of view on the topic. However, it should be supported with undeniable facts.

Your summary should be informative, explanatory, and evaluative. Thus, it will provide readers with relevant data about the discussed issue. Additionally, it will explain the main idea of the work. Finally, your review will help readers understand your point of view about the subject.

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