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The Sociology of Sports

The value of sports has been less emphasized perhaps due to the understanding of its effects on teenagers. Through sports, teenagers can be affected in a number of ways that influences the value that people place on sports. Often students take part in sports while at school or at home.  During such events, student engages in their sport of choice that matches with their passion and talent. However, regardless of the sports that individual can engage in at school, sports can improve their social skills of student through interaction with other students, develop better health through exercise while at play and develop their talents in sports to greater heights.

Delaney and Madigan believe that sports are very significant in the development of social skills on teenagers. Through sport, teenagers experience social improvement where sports help them in improving the social skills as they learn how to work with other teenagers. As a result of this, teenagers learn how to be good members of the society always ready to work with others. This improves the societal cohesiveness and understanding (p. 33).

By engaging in sports, student are able to improve their health as their bodies are keep fit by the rigorous exercise’s. Good sports are critical in ensuring those teenagers that are able to engage in physical activities that complements their physical health and wellness. This makes it possible for s teenagers to keep appropriate body weight therefore reducing cases of obesity.  As posited by Winterstein sports such as athletics help in developing good muscles that help in blood circulation (p. 77).

Sport participation is known to improve the talents of teenagers in various areas of interests where they can excel and even acquire well-paying jobs. For this to happen, teenagers need to take part in games so as to improve their potentials and talent making them join clubs or organization where they can sign up for paid contracts (Moran 2004). This can lead to a new career in sports where someone becomes

It is clear that sports accord teenagers with the opportunity to socialize, develop talents and keep fit. Being that these effects are beneficial, there is need for parents and teachers to provide teenagers with opportunities where student can participate in sport of their interest and talent. At the same time, there is need of providing coaching and training to ensure that maximum benefits are derived from sports.

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