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Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

Procedures, principles or a rule that outlines guidelines for the achievement of a given or certain result is referred to as a policy. Senior management organizations assists in the overall guideline formulation for policies while the executive teams determine protocols and procedures that’s pertain to the required code of conduct in the organizations. Employees are able to understand the nature of organizations and its norms through agency policies. Agency can be defined as principles describing code of conduct carried on in the organizations. Agency stimulates behavioral activities and maintains rules and regulations to be carried on in the sectors requiring essence of a required code of conduct.

Using Pioneer Inc as our agency for policy analysis, we will first deal with its policy framework and its historical background. Sexual harassment has been one of the underlying crimes from the past and as resulted rise of civil rights regulations.US civil rights Act of 1964 pointed on regulations of discrimination tendencies that existed in vast US neighborhood. The Act stipulated on discrimination on grounds of sex and conditioned on sexual harassments. The constitutional rights deployed by civil rights division enforces on federal statutes for protection  and ensures that discrimination on basis of color, disability ,religion and national origin is prohibited. In Civil rights Act (guidelines on sexual harassment) amendments in 1991, constituents of  sexual harassments were defined , and the perpetrators responsibilities and remedies that were to be carried on incase one became a victim in the violations were analyzed. These acts were published by Equal employment opportunity commission.

Sexual harassment policy is articulated as being a strong statement against the aspects of sexual harassment. Formal and informal procedures are supposed to be known and practiced to ensure complaints of sexual harassments are resolved especially in sexual relationships between universities faculties and students or in situations of supervisors and employees.

The sexual harassment policy and discrimination policy in Pioneers Inc is affirmed on commitments for equal rights and opportunities in the different organizations regardless of disability, age and national origin. In this aspect Discrimination is defined as being “an unequal and unlawful treatment founded on sex, national origin, disability, veteran status, color, race, religion” While harassment is stipulated as unwelcomed conduct based on color, religion, sex age or sexual orientation.

Discriminations and harassments have continuously deprived human beings of their basic right of freedom and the essence of dignity in their day to day activities. Organizations should support in the building of core foundations of equal opportunities and ensure dismal sexual harassment activities. Also policies of discriminations should constitute effective practices and sufficient means of control of unorthodox regulations surviving in the environment.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the policies, the employer and employees must be compliant and agree to be bound by the policies. An employer must distribute written copies of the policies to each of the staff and post them on central locations like the website and should ensure they are be simplified form and precise in language. Regular audit and revision of the policies should also be handy in evaluating its effectiveness and ensuring clarity of its performance. In creation of a protective interlock between the employer and the employees, an employer must have a complaint procedure tailored to the complaint (Law & Lee, 2006). He also needs to establish a mechanism for accountability through trainings and seminars.  Consensus on the policies valuations must be set in every situation and their must be a form of agreement between the parties.

Effectiveness of policy is observed where confidentiality is fully observed and fast mechanisms are established in feedback options to ensure that sensitivity of investigation procedures and absolute neutrality in handling the complaint is well established. Evaluation of the policies concerning different stakeholder’s ; that is students and female workers is well on increase and thus these should be well addressed to ensure that litigation procedures are carried on in presence of both parties.

In crisis formulation one is able to fully access the effectiveness of policies that were implemented by the overall organization. Alterations of organizations policy framework are best evaluated in the course of action during the periods of emergencies and during situations that bring forth the policies enumeration processes.  Policy developers are in hard task of evaluation of effectiveness of policies set by the prospective individuals and in analyses of individual tasks. These crises should be well valuated and made publicly established regarding its prospects to ensure that information is well distributed among the different stakeholders in the organizations.

Selective treatment or favoritism among the supervisors on the other staff indicates that loopholes in the discrimination and harassment framework that as been organized. During crises, some opportunistic supervisors may opt to exploit their female counterparts or make biased recommendations when tracing the origin of the problem at hand. 

The first step towards combating discrimination and harassment vices is through the dissemination and execution of an effective policy framework that prevents and corrects in all circumstances. While the capability of the policies remains a factual question, a policy that is functional both under normalcy and in emergencies should allow the entire workplace community to cooperatively mobilize the necessary resources to combat the problem. Combating of vices should be well articulated by both policy makers and the organizations involved in the policy evaluations. Scrutiny of the policies should be ensured and well adhered to by ensuring that the set up of policies are strictly followed.

In conclusion of policy framework organization we deal with challenges that constitute   sexual harassment and the discrimination portrayed in work places and in different environs of individual growth. Policies should be source of well organized and in depth knowledge of basic ideas that should be in accordance with the set policies. These essences of crimes are seen to be controlled d by emotions, stereotypes and subjective judgments by critics. We can as well see that Critical requirements and qualifications for a position in recruitment processes have not been properly aligned to the discrimination policies (Rapp, et al, 2006).

Sexual harassment and relationships amongst employees in any organization are not clearly stipulated in the ongoing activities. Employee’s coexistence should be maintained and regulated in thecontext of individualism and in context of policies set up in the regular working conditions.In subject justifications, Justice Kozinski noted “While many policies despise romance or joking in the workplace, it is more than a fact and a reality of life”.  This will conclude that a divergent agency policy framework should be established thus ensuring good relations and sexual orientations among the different stake holders. These policies should be modified to include all aspects of sexual discriminations and harassments.

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