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Same Sex Marriage

Marriage is a lot more than just an assurance for one another to feel affection. Marriage enables financial liability, in addition to approved financial gains.  Human society and culture has become familiar with to what they think is normal by their customs and spiritual thinking. It is the institution that presents repeated authorized defense.  A lot of people consider that same sex marriage is not normal. The concern of same sex marriage has been a crucial political subject in the U.S, for over a decade, setting off waves of opposing claims, legislation and votes initiatives trying either to make legal or forbid the practice. Marriage is the fundamental human right that must not be denied to anyone. Rifts have also opened amongst several sacred communities over the result to recognize same sex marriage or criticize it. The reality is that banning same sex marriage is unfairness.


Same-sex marriages have been a huge debate for the people of the United States. The concept of same-sex marriages has come up in many different forms such as: during the presidential debates, states making it legal for same-sex couples to be married and people shows their views on why gays should or should not be able to be married. This topic is interesting because it is such a huge controversy in the United States. There are so many different views over this subject. Same-sex marriages have been a controversial topic for a long time. People are just now starting to notice it because there are more and more gays that want to have the same rights as straight couples. Also, it has been all over the news within the past year.

The planned legalization of same sex marriage is one of the important issues in present-day American family law. At present, it is one of the main energetically advocated reforms conversed in law reviews, one of the mainly explosive political questions in front of lawmakers, and one of the vital challenging issues emerging ahead of American courts. The probable consequences, negative or positive, for kids, parents, similar sex couples, families, social community health, and the rank of women are enormous (Andryszewski, p.24-25). Known the significance of the issue, the worth of comprehensive discussion of the reasons for and against legalizing same sex marriage must be clear. Marriage is a lot more as compared to merely an assurance to love one another. Away from religious and societal conventions, marriage requires legally imposed financial liability and lawfully authorized financial advantages. Marriage gives automatic officially permitted security for the spouse, together with medicinal visitation, series of a deceased spouse's property, in addition to allowance and additional civil privileges (Cantor, p.149-152).

Same sex marriage proponents state that the institution is only one of its kinds. It is the feeling of love and loyalty and that calling the combinations of same-sex couples anything else is a type of second class nationality; they also spot out that many officially permitted rights are coupled to marriage. Those different to same sex marriages have the same opinion that marriage is an essential link with ancient roots. But they illustrate the opposite ending, stating that permitting same sex couples to marry would challenge the body of marriage itself.

Many believe that gay people are unable to successfully raise children. Raising a child doesn't always take a mother and a father. Single parent households are becoming more and more popular. Though this is a sad change that is happening within our society it also shows that it is possible for a single parent to raise children. It is now becoming more common for children to be raised within a single parent home.

When looking at the subject of same-sex marriages it is about time that American's realize that change is necessary. Same-sex couples need to be able to build their lives just like the traditional different-sex couples. Same-sex couples are able to work at the same jobs as different-sex couples, they're able to volunteer in the community, and they are able to love and care for each other. When homosexuals are taking part in all of the opportunities I've stated, then why should the United States government be able to decide who they marry. The only problems that I can see arising from allowing same-sex marriages is they fact of adoption after that. They same-sex couple will then have trouble adopting a child. But I believe that if a same-sex couple is fit to raise a child then they should be given the opportunity to adopt. As I stated earlier, having a child grow up in a household with two fathers or two mothers can't have any worse affects than a child growing up without a father or without a mother (Hull, p. 3-7). A child growing up in a household with two parents of the same-sex can't be worse then the child growing up with an abusive father (Andryszewski, p.24-25). As long as the same-sex couple has a good idea on the correct way to raise a child then I believe they should have the right to adopt.

By denying same sex partners the right to marry, the government is also denying them the benefits that are part of a marriage. Even though some companies may offer benefits to same-sex partners, without the state recognizing the civil union or same-sex marriage, same-sex partners are denied federal and state benefits such as: their partner's federal pension; medical decisions on behalf of their partner; domestic violence protection, immunity from testifying against spouse, illness leave to care for couple; visitation of him/her in hospital or jail.

One ultimate cause that people are in opposition to same sex marriage is that they are uncomfortable with homosexuality, and the Bible states that gay relations are incorrect and morally wrong (Hull, p. 3-7). The Bible has totally no reputation in American law. In fact, the Constitution assures freedom of religion, so Christians may be not in favor of same sex marriage, but not everybody in America is Christian (Cantor, p.149-152). If they cannot marry for the reason that the Bible states so, the public is forcing religion onto gay people, and they may not be Christian or any other spiritual at all.

For the sake of the general health and stability of the society, the homosexual alternative to marriage, a civil union, is not enough. With marriage, infidelity is extremely frowned upon and those who actually decide to enter a marriage often abide by this thereby reducing the spread of those sexually transmitted diseases associated with 'casual' sex. A civil marriage can discourage this, but as it doesn't have the strong foundation that marriage has been commonly linked with over the years, it is little more than a piece of paper with no deep sense of obligation tied to it.

Some homosexuals would be content with the civil union so as not to encourage backlash from some of the public. This gives them the same legal rights as marriage but cannot be called a 'marriage'. But this is both wrong in principle and damaging to society. Marriage, in my opinion is more than a legal contract, or 'piece of paper'. To continue to describe it in such a way or to establish a simpler version of marriage for the sake of same sex couples would only create a situation whereby all adults would begin to feel it easier for them to enter a civil partnership (Robert,p.50-56). I mean why should everyone just downgrade to a civil partnership? Now, that would be an even bigger threat to our society as we see it today.

According to scientists, research has found that same-sex unions usually end up with STD's (sexually transmitted diseases) like AIDS that may spread to the rest of the community. This would not just affect their health, but also ours. With this in mind, would the consent of same sex marriage lead to more homosexuals, which would most likely lead to more cases of AIDS and eventually cause our spending on healthcare to increase?

On the other hand, I believe that the way many of us perceive homosexuals is rather unfair, since most of us are used to the usual one man and one woman marriage. I believe that a large majority of those that oppose homosexuality do not see the other side of the story, where gays are actually fully human like every one of us, and they have feelings and lives like every other person. The only difference is that they like those of their own sex (Robert, p.50-56). Many turn to homosexuality also because of rejection or low self-esteem, thus giving them a way out of their misery.

Marriage isn't solely about procreation. However, many opposite sex couples choose not to, or are not able to, give birth. Couples decide everyday not to bear or raise children. Nonetheless, they are still allowed to marry. It is about love and friendship and wanting to share your life with someone you love and trust. My husband and I may or may not have children. How would we feel if in five years the state came and told us that since we had no children our marriage wasn't valid? Marriage shouldn't be based upon the act of childbearing (Robert, p.50-56). On the hand, gay and lesbians do bear kids and same sex couples mutually care for their children together.

Maine officially passed a bill permitting marriage of gay, in 2009; just to look voters refuse it at the votes in November.  However, in December 2009 the New York State Senate chosen a plan to make legal same sex marriage. The ballot implemented more than a year of lobbying through rights of gay institutions, who steered close to around $1 million to enhance assist for the measure into New York lawmaking races. A federal judge in Massachusetts  in July 2010, stated that a law without the federal government from acquainting same sex marriage (well-known as the Defense of Marriage Act) was illegal, judging  that lesbian and gay couples be worthy of the similar federal advantages the same as heterosexual couples (nytimes.com).


To sum up, as stated earlier, people are beginning to realize that same-sex marriages are going to have to be taken care of one way or another. American people should be able to vote on the topic. Most people are against same-sex marriages at this point in time, but at least the people should have the final say. When slavery was abolished in the United States only 12 percent of the population was African American. Today, they have come up with the gay population numbers clear up to 10 percent. The 10 percent may not seem like very many people but the number of people supporting same-sex marriages is growing, and the youth of the nation are beginning to change their views. The younger generations are more understanding about same-sex marriages then the older generations. No matter how much the government and many of its people want to turn their backs on this subject they can't, the problem is growing, and more and more same-sex couples want the same freedoms that opposite-sex couples have. The institution of marriage gives esteem and self-respect towards a partner that make a life span promise to support each other. These couples deserve this esteem and self-respect. Refusing one group the right to get married has several unpleasant financial and emotional consequences. Examples are Medicare, Social safety, medicinal leave, and additional remuneration; property heritage etc.  American's deserve the right and have the freedom to marry whomever they want.

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