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Arizona Law

To begin with, it is the responsibility of the state of Arizona to ensure the livelihoods of the people of Arizona. This however doesn’t mean that the state has the right to discriminate and violate human rights in the process of ensuring the safety and security of its citizens. Unfortunately the statistics prove other wise. Statistics show that the majority of crimes within the Border States of the USA are committed by immigrants. The same goes to show that a lot of state resources have been committed to curbing such influences; billions go into detaining illegal immigrants in prisons all over the state (Benton-Cohen 48-70). Although these immigrants are associated with violence and crime, there are also a lot of inherent benefits of having them within the state. We will therefore look into the current state of affairs and try and shed light into the issues surrounding the issues of immigration in the state of Arizona.

It has been said on a number of occasions that the strength of the great USA is based on the ideas and creativity of its immigrant population. After all, America was founded by immigrants and the same immigrants form a key pillar of its labor force today. This is not to say that the great state of Arizona can’t put measures to curb down illegal immigration; this is because of the facts stated above. But this has not always been the case. There are a lot of benefits that come out of immigration. To begin with immigration does bring in new technology to solve the problems that exist in the state. This comes in because of an increased pool of ideas that automatically comes with the presence of immigrants in the society; after all Einstein was an immigrant and President Obama is an off spring of an immigrant (ImmigrationPolicyCenter). The passed bill AB 1070 does permit the authorities to scrutinize immigrants on suspicion even without a warrant. This is a violation of human rights that every state has sworn to protect after all even immigrants are human beings and contribute a great deal to the state of Arizona.

Secondly, the creation of such bills creates a bias within the authorities and consequently brews hate along racial lines. The state has sworn to protect the lives of the people of Arizona; this is not to say that it can neglect the lives of the immigrants illegal or not. The preservation of life is paramount. Such a bill/law therefore goes into neglecting such key responsibilities by discriminating against specific people. Within the state of Arizona there are a number of nationalities but all the statistics are directed towards the communities of South America. The new bill has also impacted the immigrant community with fear. The law states that all its workers are required to report cases of illegal immigrants when they come applying for social benefits. This therefore puts the suffering at risk. A notable case is of a mother of two children aged three and seven in need of medical attention but cant risk going to a hospital because she is in the state illegally due to a number of reasons (Riccardi). This means that the children will continue to suffer as long as the law stands as it is. If this is not a bias what is? As stated above the preservation of life is paramount and such a law stands in the way of this.

The fix lies in ensuring that the correct laws are enacted; the correct laws should not be influenced by emotions directed towards issues of crime by illegal immigrants but rather should address the issues according to the United States constitution; the constitution should form the basis of any state laws. This is because all the states of America should follow their constitution as guideline. Although all the force allowed by the enactment of the new law is understandable but that force should not be discriminatory i.e. the new law looks like it was directed towards the southern border, what about the people who benefit from this business citizens or not. The correct laws should respect the sanctity of life and ensure that all the human rights are observed and preserved. After this immigrants come to the USA because of the horrible conditions they go through in their home land. The USA should not therefore be another source f suffering but it should offer proper solutions that will benefit both parties (Dow 68-100).

In conclusion, the Arizona law AB 1070, was enacted to curb the issues of crime associated with the high presence of illegal immigrants in the state. The law has given extreme powers, as some may describe it, to the authorities. It enables those in authority to stop and question those they deem suspicious, especially immigrants. This in the process has stirred a lot of people as the new law goes against human rights.   What the state forgot to incorporate is the fact that human life and dignity should be preserved no matter what the case. The law discriminates against such people despite the benefits they bring to such a state in terms of economic ideas and the increased pool of ideas that the state can use to generate more in terms of knowledge and technology. The creation of such a law has also generated a lot of debate in the USA with some entities refusing to recognize the state unless the new law is revised. This is because the new law goes against the constitution which seeks to preserve life. The law is therefore not worth the effort and should be revisited so as to ensure it preserves and respects life. 

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