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The Hispanics and Asian Americans

Identity and Stereotypes against the Hispanics

The US society has used the Hispanic culture to put up a cooperative society of people. This is seen the Hispanics’ tendency to share material objects and information, seen even amongst students.

The Hispanics have been stereotyped as construction worker and custodians, drug dealers who live in ramped apartments with ten other people. Hispanics are also stereotyped as immigrants who do not know any English and crossed the border. The truth behind these stereotypes is that all these stereotypes are characteristic of poor societies of which a big percentage of Hispanics are poor.

The Concept of Race and Prejudice Faced by Hispanics

Hispanics suffer discriminatory tendencies even in the states they occupy, particularly California, where they are treated with a lot of disrespect at work and in the whole society in general. During the recent economic downturn, Hispanics stood higher chances of losing their jobs to their Caucasian counterparts. This is quite interesting because some of these jobs are the ones that used t be some of the unwanted in the American society. However during the economic downturn, competition for such jobs raised up that Hispanics who were known for doing them, turned into discriminatory objects for these same jobs.

Behavior and thinking patterns of U.S. culture and they apply to Hispanics regarding class systems and employment

By the nature of jobs Hispanics do, they are classified as ‘poor’ in the US society. This puts them at the position of being viewed as people of lower class in the US. No wonder they are usually employed on construction sites, and other low paying jobs. To any one’s dismay, during the economic recession, the jobs always regarded as for the lower class, became source of income for the higher class, thereby leaving people placed in the lower class, in very bad financial shapes.

Asian Americans

Identity and Stereotypes against the Asian Americans

Asian Americans have been identified as a society that is highly communal but enjoy identifying themselves with their countries of origin for example Japanese Americans, Chinese American etc.

They are usually stereotyped as model minority, yellow peril and emasculation and asexuality. It could be true that Asians are generally politically inactive quiet but it is not true that they are weak because, given their Asian origin where people are worldwide acknowledged hard workers, it cannot be right to stereotype Asian Americans as wear or powerless.

The Concept of Race and Prejudice Faced by Hispanics

The social concept of race is very common against the Asian Americans as reverse discrimination and racial discrimination are big weapons used against them in Universities and they societies of California and New York city where Asian Americans are more numerous. Due to reverse discrimination and racial discrimination, many Asian American students are denied study opportunities in certain prominent universities. In the same way Asian American citizens usually are denied leadership positions in the communities where they live even if they would be better options for those particular leadership positions.

Behavior and Thinking Patterns of U.S. Culture and They Apply to Asian Americans Regarding Class Systems and Employment

Asian Americans are generally classified as people of low class. This is mainly because of the nature of jobs many of them are employed in. due to the fact that many of them are usually employed in jobs that are none strenuous that is why they earned themselves a stereotype like emasculation and asexual. Their physical appearance and the jobs they do which are generally viewed as women’s jobs is the background to their level of income and reputation in the American society.

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