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Terrorism is act of violence done by a group that claims it has been victimized by several remarkable historical wrong. They receive financial support from concerned government. They normally stage sudden attacks on the targets of the civilians, including airliners and embassies aiming at spreading confusion and fear. For instance, in America they experience these actions, which killed thousands of people and others were left injured.

Terrorists affect the country’s economy, which has increased the number of the people who are unemployed. For instance, in America the terrorism that happened in 2001, September 11 the number of unemployed people has increased from six million to eight million from the year 2001. This increase in unemployment is due to lack of finances to pay the workers in the workforce. Additionally, the United States used a lot of money to support the families that lost there loved ones during attacks and this dropped the country’s economy severely.

Terrorism also affects country’s industries especially those related to travel and tourism. Developing countries such as Egypt are the most affected since their economies rely on tourism for state’s income. The gross earning from the tourism industries is now 1% the GDP, and a slowdown in the tourist activity can cause a detectable impact on the transportation and hospitality sectors as well as the economy generally. For instance, in India the occupancy of the hotel lowered to 25% due to attacks, which damaged the overall economy of India.

In the various societies in the country, terrorism increases the number of disabled people as a result of injuries from the wars. These injuries results to increase in money spent in the hospitals leading to poverty among affected members due to much money spent in the hospitals. Cost of education in the country rises since there is no security and some of the parents end up stopping their children from going to school hence reducing the number of skilled people who can work in the country’s industries.

To change the act of terrorism, terrorist should be captured and killed; training camps for terrorists destroyed. For example, in Afghanistan Osama bin laden, dangerous terrorist was killed in order to reduce terrorism. Peaceful relations between countries, which can reduce wars, can also change the acts of terrorism.


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