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Private Guns, Public Health

I tend to believe that banning of gun ownership would be trying to escape from the problem than actually solving it. Like Hemenway discusses, most of this cases are reported among children. This means that the children out of ignorance or sheer curiosity tend to see guns as ordinary toys oblivious of the consequences that become of wrong usage. Curiosity could be that these children would want to try out things they watch maybe in movies in the ordinary world. The people who should be blamed entirely are the respective parents. In fact penalties should even be imposed on them. This is because for children to access dangerous appliances like a gun for instance, it means that the person to whom it is entitled has not fully taken the responsibility required of them. Banning therefore would bear no fruits in the fight against gun related deaths. The effects of banning would be diverse. In a way it could reduce incidences of suicide but could raise the incidences of homicide as the offenders would easily target the children without much fear. Consequently, it could lead to other methods of committing crime such as strangling for instance that may have far reaching consequences.

Question 2

            Hemenway’s findings carry so much weight. True to it defiant behaviors are characteristics of most gun owners. This is the argument: for one to possess a gun legally, it means that he is trying to guard himself against a certain group of persons or could entirely be trying to find ways to protect certain ill mannered activities that he might have engaged in. Such acts could be disastrous to other parties. Another reason is because people with guns would have a feeling of complete protection. This means that they could easily do anything to intimidate another person bearing in mind they are well guarded.


Question 3

            The success of the methods applied in the automobile industry should be a pointer to the gun handlers that we are the shepherds of our welfare. This means that any activities we engage in or any items that we purpose that are meant to create comfort for us could actually turn out to be the biggest dangers that they have to deal with.  There exists one major difference that provides a distinction of these two classes. This is the age issue. While the players in the automobile industry are predominantly old people those who can handle guns have children as an inclusion. This means that children can easily handle guns and not automobiles and this is seen in the high number of deaths recorded in the children group. 

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