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Organization Behavior and Teamwork

McGregor theories X and Y   have been expounded and found to hold basic principles from which positive management style and techniques can be developed. The theories are at the core to any meaningful organizational development and to improve   organizational culture. Theory X present that an average person dislikes work and will avoid it in any circumstance if he/she can. In addition it also present that individual must be forced with threats of punishment to work towards an organisation goals and objectives. It further   expound that   the normal person would prefer to be directed to avoid responsibility and is more directed toward   his security above all. In general   Theory X present a management style that the administrator are hands on the employees.

Theory X can be applied in an organization where supervision is mandatory and mostly suited to the casual workers and junior staff. This will ensures that the staff report to work promptly and perform their duties according to instruction failure to that will result to termination of employment. On the other hand Theory Y presents that that an effort  directed towards work  is  as natural as work  and play  and [people  will apply  self control  and self  direction in the pursuit  of organizational goals and objectives  without external control or the  thereat of punishment..Theory Y can be well used in organization for those employees who are innovative and are in control of sensitive work. These employees are normally proactive and they love their job. It is a theory that can be employed in an organization where there is need   to use a high degree of imagination, ingenuity and creativity in solving organizational problems.

To achieve power and influence the place of work I should be able to perform my job that I am hired for excellent and perfectly. I should be the best in the entire job that I have been assigned to. Further more to achieve influence and power I should always be cheerful positive and friendly when interacting with my college. This will help me create a positive and lasting impression as s respectful person in the organization and thus my colleague will have positive comment on me and wish me well. In addition I should also be grateful and thankful to my college whenever a good job is done by them.

I should be able to appreciate people and compliment them and be courteous. For a new employee the major way to acquire power is to be perfect in his/her responsibility assigned and when doing his work he/she should have minimal or no complain. The new employee should always be punctual in reporting for duty and always on time with the assignment. To boost his/her position the company the new employee should also be friendly and respectful to the older employees in the company.

Computer technology is an invention that came to make work easy and faster. That means it brings efficiency and good time management in an organization and thus results to increase profitability of the company. It is therefore imperative for employs to embrace   the change in technology in order to remain relevant and competitive in business. For an employee who is resisting change of computer technology I would be realistic with him/her   with the true situation work and compare with their company on the change. I will be positive to the employee while discussing about the change in computer technology in the company and highlighting the consequences of not embracing the new technology. Secondly I will initiate to the employee training program on computer operation and they become confident of operating the computer because his resistance in change might be due to lack of knowledge. Finally I will try to institute the change gradually   to make the employee realize the importance of computer and production to the company.

Decision making is a process in that allocates goods and values in a system. A decision is basically a hard thought issue that necessitates choice. For an employee who is finding hard to make decision she or she should be able to identify the issue that needs a decision to be made upon critically. The employee must pay attention to problem magnitude and organizational level. Problems of large magnitude need to be dealt with by top levels of the organization. Similarly, problems of smaller magnitude can be handled by lower levels of the organization.  It is fundamental to improve on getting the right problems to the right decision. It is further presented that the employee should have a critical analysis on the pros and cons of the decision about to make. Decision is about result therefore, the decision made must be produce positive result and its impact felt. The employee should also avoid making decision under influence be it emotional or external forces like from colleagues. The decision should be independent and on sole understanding and analysis of the situation at hand.

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