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Mispredicting Affective and Behavior Response to Racism

This is an article that is about the level of social racism. According to the article, racism is strongly condemned and it has been seen to cause a lot of distress and stigma. In the survey that was done, the article shows that 67% of blacks face discrimination and prejudice of especially when applying for the jobs.  Furthermore, 50% of the racism is reported that they are discriminated when dining and during shopping.

Social deterrent is also discussed showing that it causes racism. This is reported due to the cost that the process to deter the racism poses. No matter how much people are annoyed about the issue, the cost that is involved people is unable to penalize the individuals. Cognitive and emotional energy is required very much when confronting racist. The reason being, people may not take this issue seriously. This makes it hard for the people to respond appropriately towards the action that has to be taken in the fight against racism.

According to aversive racism theory, individuals who see racism as a way of life embracing egalitarian beliefs may not see the need to fight the negative feelings about black prejudice in their conscious. According to this theory, people show actual racism though spontaneous feelings and behaviors revealing a great biasness against the blacks.

The article shows the seriousness of this immorality through the graph. It shows that negative emotional distress is very high especially as can be seen by the experiences as they show extreme racism comments.  On the contrary, the forecaster shows low level of the racism. Otherwise, according to the interpretation that this article has over the finding that they see in the graph is that experiences may have been motivated by their avoidance towards the black confederate in the fear of the response of the victims, feeling and guilt. Another difference that the article noted on the issue of the experience and the forecasters is the perception that each has towards the racism situation.  The reason being that experiencer has actually encountered the event. In addition, the forecaster may not have had actual racism situation with racism events.

Besides providing conceptual contribution on the racism, the article shows the immediate practical relevance. Egalitarian cultural norms are cited as apparent good intentions as reason why the racism and discrimination remains prevalent in society may be that people do not respond to avert racism acts in way good to respond to the epidemic.

The article discusses the people prediction regarding emotional distress and behaviors in response towards racial problem. This has shown a lot of different drastically from their actual reactions this has made the people to distance e themselves from the people who comment towards the issue of the racism. The reason is not that the people do not know about this epidemic, it is because they do not want to be associated with this offensive comment.

However, the socially sensitive nature of the investigations related to reactions to racisms. This ha s called to alternative explanations of the current findings in the article that involves social evaluation concern and demand characteristics. Besides the conceptual contribution, the articles were capable of offering immediate practical relevance about the issue. This is particularly is about currently egalitarian cultural norms and apparent good intentions. The article shows that the racism has been chronic problems for long times due to the people who are supposed to avert this are reluctant. They fail to stop other people who transgress the egalitarian norms. Therefore, the article shows important information about the actual response that should be taken to create awareness and interventions that will help the people in being egalitarian about the matters.

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