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Marketing Communication in the Public Sector

The   Australian Federal Police has decided to involve itself in recruitment ad for overseas natural disaster relief. They have found it wise to convince the medical and emergency services volunteers in to helping them in their project.

The department of Federal Police in Australia is requesting Medical and emergency services volunteers to seek highly experienced and motivated recovery and stabilization specialists to join the Australian overseas natural disaster relief. Joining the Australian overseas natural disaster relief requires professional and personal skills who are highly developed, as well as productively achieving set standards of deployment and medical suitability, screening security and the achievement of a full establishment training program. Those who are going to be successful to join the record will be eligible to propose for deployments when they occur, but they are only going to be deployed when and if their skills are needed.

Specialists are going to remain in their usual employment until they accept a deployment. When they have been deployed, the specialists are going to be engaged as Government employees in Australian. The appropriate conditions and terms are going to be offered to reflect a particular hardships and condition of different deployments.

As National specialists are working in mentally and physically challenging areas, effective organization of their security and welfare is a great priority in Australian Government. The Australian Federal Police is going to urge the medical and emergency services volunteers to provide training to prepare the national specialists for their exacting overseas assignments.

All this efforts of Australian Federal Police will greatly help in international natural disaster relief.

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