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Immigration is defined as the movement of people from one nation to another normally in search of various issues. More often than not, there are complexes of reasons why people will move from one country to another. In many cases, while people move in search of greener pastures many others will move due to conflict in their countries so as to seek asylum in a rather safer country, others still move in order to avoid prejudices while many more will voluntarily emigrate. A person who moves to another country is referred to as an immigrant while the act of migrating is referred to as emigration.

Immigration is a global trend that many critics have scrutinized to assess its pros and cons. For many, immigration provides a lot of opportunities for growth while to others; it is a nightmare to the state and the country as a whole. Whatever the case, immigration can be traumatic to the immigrants. Immigration of persons is a restricting affair as the law does not provide for the free movement of persons as in commodities. More often than not, there are strict regulations that limit people from going to various places even within the same country. He further asserts that there are countries with policies that do not allow for the immigration of any person. For instance, the law in the US allows for the immigration of persons who poses a minimum level of education dictated by the country’s policies and or legislations regarding immigration; this is aimed at improving the US economically since the immigrants will provide valuable labour that will enhance the economic status of the US . 

In this regard, there are a number of factors that make immigration a global dilemma as well as a global gain. First and foremost, immigrants will normally go to countries with a better economic stability than theirs. In many instances, the immigrants go out there with a mentality that they must make the best out of their situation,  as such, the immigrants will work very hard to ensure that they survive in their new found home. Many of them go ahead to do jobs that the natives will not otherwise do. A majority work for very long hours with minimal pay, this in many cases exploits the immigrants yet it is greatly beneficial to the host country.

According to Brimelow, moving to a totally new country with a very different culture and lifestyle will prove a very daunting task for the immigrants, the loneliness associated with the new environment does not make it any easier for the immigrants. It should be noted that once the immigrants have been accepted or appreciated in the host country, they can greatly contribute to the economic and cultural growth of the host country through providing a talent pool and diversity of culture respectively.

Having mentioned the advantages that immigrants will bring to a country, it is equally important to mention in that there are a number of draw backs that will cripple immigration as a global trend. First and foremost, it has been argued that immigrants can be exploited since in many cases, they offer cheap labour. Many of them go to the host countries in search of opportunities; this makes them vulnerable to unsuspecting employers who are in to exploit them. Many immigrants are victims of brain washing, it has been established that many skilled immigrants prefer going to other countries and offer their labour other than offering the same labour in their home countries. For instance, the United Kingdom hires medical staff from many developing countries while the US hires military personnel.

The second major reason why immigration has constantly been a subject of controversy in many countries is the fact that it is an avenue for criminals to get into other countries perhaps to escape prosecution in their native countries or looking for “greener pastures” for criminal activities such as drug peddling or trafficking, human trafficking and corruption. According to Ashun, immigrants on the contrary have helped in reducing the rates of crime especially in the South West. He argues that the foreign population make two thirds less of the criminals who are natives of America. I am strongly in support of this statistic owing to the fact the immigrants are always keen not to be deported back to their countries having perhaps escaped issues back at home. As such, I believe that many of them will engage in legal trade and jobs so as to enable them to continue providing for their families.

The third reason is the fact that immigration can become a central issue in politics and the society at large, this is supported with the fact that many politicians will tend to alienate against immigrants in terms of race and colour. This was evident during the presidential campaigns of the current US president where the politics of race was used in his disadvantage. As a matter of fact many politicians will stereotype against older immigrant populations to imitate newer immigrants. For instance, there has been racial discrimination against South Americans especially among the Black and Latinos; the reverse is true as well.

It should be noted that there is something referred to as illegal immigration whereby immigrants get into a country through unprecedented ways or means. Illegal immigration has been a global dilemma which has contributed to the over population of many developed countries. According to Ashun, illegal immigration has an array of causes but it generally applies to people from poor countries that have the nerve to go to developed countries and try hard to eke a living. More often than not it is a gap that exists between the populations that has been legally allowed to go to the new country Vis a Vis the global demand that exists for going to a said country. Ashun (30) argues that there are thousands of people who want to go to the United States yet there are few opportunities for going to the US. In many instances however, illegal immigrants have been linked with criminal offences as is the case in Mexico where criminal gangs involved in drug peddling and other crimes comprise of illegal immigrants from basically Columbia ad Latin America.

What then is the role of border patrols and stringent immigration reforms in ensuring that immigration is not abused? According to Borjas, violation of the immigration laws creates a very big problem to the country as a whole and it is even worse for the illegal immigrants. She goes on to state that the policies on immigration should be strict enough to ensure that those caught as illegal immigrants face very serious rebuttal.

According to the FBI reports on the role of the immigration in subverting crime, border patrols contribute greatly to limiting crimes. More often than not, border patrols have been charged with the duty of conducting city patrol, investigation of drug and contraband smuggling as well as conducting traffic checkpoints on highways leading to border towns. According to Brimelow, the patrol agents netted over 13 million aliens who were enroute to the United States illegally. Border Patrol officers work differently from typical police officers; they make use of high-tech equipment such as electronic sensors, night vision scopes so as to help them detect people crossing borders. In the meantime however, the border patrol officers continue to patrol on foot or using various types of cars as well as helicopters and boats.

Much emphasis has been put on foreign students coming into the US following the gruesome revelation that one of the September 11 attackers entered the US as a student though he never showed up in class. The FBI advised the state to come up with a very stringent way of addressing this issue and what followed was the designing of a computerized system that was used to track the records of foreign students. This was however challenged by the universities and as such it never passed the pilot stage. The border security also came up with the entry- exit control system; this requires the border patrols to use a database that cross checks the details of immigrants coming into the US Vis a Vis their departure records thereby limiting the chances of immigrants over staying. This however faces the challenge of exempting Canadians as they are not required to produce passports and as such, opening a lee way for terrorists.

In summary, I believe that there should be regular and strict border patrols especially in borders known to be the lee way for immigrants. Many illegal immigrants who are working in the companies in the various countries fear engaging in public activities such as driving since they do not possess serial numbers and as such they live in the mercies of their employers. It is common knowledge that if the borders are left unattended, many terrorists and other illegal immigrants will find their way into the various countries and as such pose a threat to the country’s security and population as well. It is imperative that the government comes up with a strict way of mitigating the occurrence illegal immigration.



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