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Gender Socialization of Barbie

Gender socialization begins from the time a child is born where he or she is placed in a hospital. The child gets used to the environment according to how his or her parents treat him or her. The matter of gender socialization in children begins when they start playing with their toys of which with time, they tend to learn more on gender. Children also get to know more about gender according to how they see big people react in terms of roles. Women play a different role from that of men and here a child is likely to get a hint on that gender exists and there is a big difference between a male and a female.

Children are some how convinced on matters pertaining to gender by Barbie dolls that were created or manufactured by the American Toy company. This toy has been of great importance to the children as it gives them a real picture on the gender matters. It is also from the Barbie toys that children tend to know the roles played by different genders and not to forget is how the two genders dress. The changes in women and male are also given out by these toys as every toy has different structure on how the two genders undergo development and some of the functions of the body parts. Gender socialization in children is mostly brought about by Barbie toys that they are subjected to.

Barbie toys are not only educative to the children but also to some adults who admire the way some of the Barbie toys are made. This concentration of the adults on the Barbie toys also attracts the attention of children towards these toys for they would also like to know the secret behind these kinds of toys that makes many people even the adults to admire them. In adults’ case, they tend to look at the dressing mode and the body build up of these toys hence tries to copy or reform their bodies so as to match that of the Barbie toy. Barbie toy is counted upon as one of the unique toys that attract the attention of almost all people for it gives more information on matters pertaining to gender and how each and every person should make his or her body so as to look nice and good.

(Connell, 2008)There are very many reasons as to why children prefer Barbie toys to other types of toys. The main reason as to why children like Barbie toys is because of the body size and the height. Barbie toys are of medium height and body size that makes them to resemble real human beings hence children see them as real copies of human beings according to how they are physically set. In Barbie toys, real human feature are displayed at a larger view that other small toys hence this makes children to learn more on the basic human body parts that may be hidden in other small toys they at times play with.

There are those who like Barbie toys while there are those who do not like them due to some of the reasons they give concerning their physical build ups. Those who dislike these toys tends to come up with claims that they expose some of the human privacy as this kind of exposure is what makes children to grow up in undesirable manner that is not expected. Children in today’s world get to know more on the issues of gender because of the exposure brought about by Barbie toys. Though these claims arise, the fact still remains that Barbie toys are meant have a role it plays when it comes to teaching people more on fashion or on their dressing mode and body structures. (Eitzen, 1996)This mainly applies to women who are always interested in making their bodies to look good. Children also get adapted to the kind of things they see in Barbie are at times also becomes interested in resembling or looking like Barbie hence goes deep to examine every structure of the Barbie any with the aim of knowing why they look that way and of what significance they are to the real human beings.

Gender socialization is said to have been triggered by the introduction f Barbie that many people today try to assimilate. Due to the introduction of Barbie, many children have learnt a lot of things concerning gender and this at times also make them to practice some of the things they see happening to Barbie. Gender socialization is very important to children especially those who are old enough to know matters pertaining to gender. It is through these toys that children are expected to know more about themselves and even their opposite genders. (Auster, 2008)This is so because at times it becomes very difficult for a parent to start explaining to his or her children matters pertaining to gender due to the kind of shame or embarrassment they feel that can befall on them.

Though there are also other alternative methods of teaching children issues of gender, but is always advisable that they start knowing more about themselves earlier so that they may not have any problem in future when it comes to differentiating the two gender classes that exists. Barbie is there fore the only genuine or ideal way in which children can learn more concerning the issues of gender and how they react to their states. Barbie has a very important role to play in a child’s life as it has more to offer other that gender issues. The main reason why many children like Barbie is because of fun and due to the added advantage that Barbie is tall and almost the length of their heights.

There are many Barbie in the present world that has made gender socialization in children to be so higher than the previous years. Children nowadays socialize with each other and they all know themselves and the category they appear in terms of gender classing. Barbie has lead to various plays that children tend to involve themselves in that tries to bring out the duties and responsibilities of each gender class (Gerber, 2009). They engage in play where some assume the responsibilities of the male while others the female. Barbie in this case acts as a real baby to them. This clearly shows that children involve themselves in gender socialization and they realize what it means to fall on the two gender classes. Socialization has been enhanced among children for they fully understand one another and have all the information concerning gender hence they become wise and little bit mature at an early stage. The socialization among children has a lot of advantages attached to it that makes it that sets conducive atmosphere to all children.

The gender socialization among children makes them to be together in terms of thinking or sharing of ideas. It also builds up their way of thinking making them to learn the basics of life. Barbie is one of the best doll toys in the world that is appreciated by many though it also have some of the disadvantages associated with it when it comes to matters pertaining to children. One of the disadvantages is that, it instills negative thinking in the brains of children making them to get involve in acts that are wanting. Barbie dolls or toys are mainly liked by ladies as they are the ones who are attracted to various fashion styles that arise. This matter of Barbie can mainly affect the female children. Socialization is a mater that exists everywhere as it acts as a binding factor that brings peace and harmony in our residential places. Socialization here also creates good understanding among children making them to enjoy one another’s company.

Gender socialization makes children to know what is good and bad and what types of games to play generally or as males or females. With this kind of understanding, children know how to take care of one another especially when it comes to playing or having fun.  There are those individuals who are from various countries but are trying the must they can in ensuring that they match the Barbie. Socialization as far as the children are concerned is brought about by various plays that they tend to involve in as this may only be a good play to them when they have toys or a Barbie. Toys are always in place to ensure children are busy and do not get bored under any given circumstance. It is the work of toys that makes children to come together just like birds of a feather flock together. Toys can therefore be considered a binding factor that has led children to the road of gender socialization.

According to the researches carried out over the last five years, it is clear that Barbie is not bad but it over displays some of the information that are not good for children and these information may end up impacting children’s lives negatively. Some of this information is based on matters pertaining to various sexes react and what binds them together. This kind of information is bad to the lives of the children for they can grow up with the bad mentalities that may end up affecting their lives in a negative way.  Very many children have guiding principles from their parents and when they realize almost all the secrets concerning gender and how they relate, they may end up trying such king of things and even loosing the respect they hold for their parents.

Though there are such demerits, the merits still outweigh the demerits for there are more things learned by children that end up expanding their thinking capacity. All people or adults passed through this stage and it is always advisable that children be allowed to involve in different kind of play so as to widen their thinking capacity. (Brady, 2005)As far as gender socialization is concerned, children would continue living a happy and exited life if they are allowed to use Barbie as play toys because they have a feeling that Barbie is more like a human being and they can try practicing anything with it and considering it real. Barbie exist in two types, there are male Barbie and female ones and this is one of the things that makes children happy and can recombine together to share their enjoyable play. With Barbie children are able to try practicing and gender role plays that widen their brains

There are certain matters that need to be considered by parents as far as their children’s plays are concerned. A parent should bear in mind that children cannot live successfully without playing as this will make them dull and bored hence will be prone to problems. Without plays children will not be interacting and without interaction, children can grow up in a manner where they do not become friendly to others and this can be very dangerous to the parents and the entire society. The society needs socialization in order to make some steps towards success and without proper coordination, it can stagnate for there will be no people to boost it in any way. This can end up killing the future generation hence making something known as societal doom. These are some of the reasons why socialization is good and children should be allowed to socialize.

Generally, gender socialization for children is a good process that is encouraged by almost all people. This is because it has a lot of positive impacts attached to it that can greatly change the lives of children. Barbie are also said to be good for children when it comes to play because it helps in widening the thinking capacity hence creating early maturity and brain expansion. Gender socialization of Barbie in relation to the children’s play or activities is considered good and healthy.

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