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Firearm Problems

According to Hemenway, it is evident that they are certain demographic groups that bear a higher risk of facing firearm problems. Statistics have indicated that these disadvantaged individuals comprise of young children, adolescents and young adults, women and black Americans. The government has a responsibility for each and very American citizen. It is time for it to stand up and come up with long term solutions to this huge problem.

Who is to blame for the suffering that these groups of people are going through? The government needs to come up with regulations that improve fire arm security. Someone needs to stand for these minority groups and help them up the ladder in fighting for the implementation of the specific laws that will enhance their security. They also need to carry out awareness programs on safe firearm use. There is need for coordination between states so as to ensure that all of them share the same views. This will prevent firearm smuggling from easy states to strict states.

What role can manufacturers play in coming up with long term solutions? In the production process, there is the need to implement regulations to the effect that they are able to trace back a bullet to the gun it was fired from. This will help curb insecurity since the criminals involved will be traced back. Also, those gun owners who lend their guns to any unauthorized persons will be identified this will aid in ensuring that gun owners are extremely careful when handling the guns.

Misinterpretation of the provisions of the constitution should not be used as an excuse for uncalled for usage of firearms. The cards are laid and the government must take control of the situation before it is too late to reverse the resulting damage. Will they rise and take action?

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