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In the society, there are different spheres of life between the different genders. Since the time God created man, the man was to be the head of the family. He also created the woman for the purposes of being a companion to the man. This continued even in the early days, where the men were left to work, handle all matters while the women stayed in the house, and took care of the men. For many centuries, the women did not have the same rights as the men. Men were presumed to be superior to the women in all spheres. The women sphere of rights and work was only to stay at home and take of the man. All the other things were left in the hands of the men. This meant that the women did not have any rights as compared to the rights the men had. Women from different parts of the globe have been treated different by the men in respect to their rights. These women since the early days have been fighting for their rights and the most common method is the use of suffrage. Suffrage can be defined as the fight for equal voting rights as the members of the communities. This essay will discuss the history of feminism in relation to suffrage, the cause, the developments and the impacts of suffrage by comparing two different kinds of women in the globe.


History of women Suffrage

            Women suffrage started at around the nineteenth century. It was started in the English speaking nations and later it spread to the other nation. This was mainly in Europe, especially in the UK. At this time women had started to realize that they too had a voice and they needed to be heard. All over the world, women tried to fight for their rights to vote but they always lost the battles. Most of them believed that since they paid their taxes same as the men, they should also be allowed their right to vote as women. They gained confidence and they gathered themselves in numbers so that they could push forward for their rights to vote.

After the women in the European attained their rights to vote, other women in the other parts of the globe also tried to push for their rights to vote. It went to America, Australia, North America, South America, Asia and Africa. In the African and Asia continents, suffrage was reluctant to take place. It was not until the twentieth century that in the two continents, women achieved the right to vote. The battle seemed to have been won but in the real essences, the battle was far from being won.

The first groups of women that will be discussed are the women from United State of America. It was alleged that suffrage in America started in 1848 after the civil war. At that time, the women who were involved in spear heading the movement were Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Candy Canton. They became so forceful in the formation of the different organizations that were going to fight for women suffrage. However, this organization were not yet formed until 1869 after the proposed 15th amendment which gave the black men the rights to vote and being voted in to office. The organization fought for the women suffrage. Before the end of the nineteenth century, Anthony and Canton decided to back down due to their old age and let the young women who were energetic to take over. They did this until 1920 when the 19th amendment was signed to let women vote in America.

The other groups of women to be discussed are the women from Britain or UK. Although it was believed to have been the first group to fight for suffrage, it actively fought for their rights in 1867 after John Stuart Mill pushed a bill to the parliament for the women suffrage. In the same year, an organization was opened to spearhead the women suffrage. It was headed by Lydia Becker. She continued with the petition with lots of frustrations being experienced on the way. In 1897, they joined unions with Millicent Garret Fawcett. They continued to act and fight for the women suffrage with no luck. However, the first signs of luck came in 1918 when a bill allowing women of thirty years and above to vote. However, they did not stop until they gained all the voting rights as the men. It was ten years later in 1928 when their efforts were paid off, when the parliament signed in a bill that allowed women to have the same voting rights as their male counterpart.

Cause of women suffrage

            Women were and will always be thought as the weaker sex despite the fact that men of today do not really say it but they show it. In the past, it was not very severe, the women feared to fight for their rights as opposed to today. They were not able to fight for their rights like the right of voting. Therefore, we did not have women suffrage organizations or groups for the women to fight for their rights. However, in the nineteenth century they were able to come together and try to fight for their right to vote. For the women to be able to stand up and fight for their rights it was because of causes below.

            The first cause that led to women suffrage is the marginalization or the treatment they received from the men. Men were believed to be strong or superior to the women. This meant that the men could do anything and the women were not at liberty to say anything. They were not allowed to question the decisions the men made. The men used to control everything and whatever they liked without considering what the women felt. They used to despise women and they could divorce them at their own will without any reason, they sat alone in the dining table and brought in the slaves without considering of the women. It is due to this type of oppression that caused the woman to start voicing their demands to have rights as the men.

            In America, the women were motivated by the civil war that ended at around 1949. This was because, during the war, the women were abused very much and they noticed that they did not have a say in the society and yet they were oppressed. They saw this opportunity and they decided to air their problems so that they could be heard. In order to do this they had to have the right of voting. This meant that when they had the right to vote, they would be able to make decisions and vote for whomever they wanted. Therefore, this caused suffrage.

            Another reason that caused the women of American to fight for suffrage was when the black men were given the rights to vote in the 1869. This made the women to be angry especially the white women who thought they should also be given the right to vote. Additionally, they thought the men did not consider them in making the decision thus they were treated unfairly. It is because of this reason; that caused the women to start fighting for the women suffrage in determination despite the many frustrations they were encountering.

            Lastly, all this causes would not have be made possible by the American women if they did not have unity between them. Unity was the other thing that caused the women suffrage. The women from the different nations met and joined forces in fighting for their right to vote. They formed different organizations where they elected the different leaders to fight for their rights to vote. If the women did not have the unity amongst themselves, they would have never achieved suffrage. It is this kind of unity that the women had, which caused the women suffrage to be rampant.

            On the side of the globe, the women in Britain had their own causes that made them to fight for suffrage. One of the causes was the inflation in Britain at around 1867. This was one of the causes that aggravated the fight for suffrage by the women in Britain. During this time of inflation, so many riots were pressing the government to change the situation, while the others were fighting for their rights. When the women in Britain saw this, they were motivated and they decided to join the other groups in fighting for their right to vote. This reasons caused the women to fight for suffrage despite the frustration they encountered.

            Another reason that caused women suffrage in Britain was the support the women received from other men. In Britain, there were men who were supporting the women in fighting for their rights. John Stuart Mill was one of the men that decided to support the women suffrage. In fact, in 1867 he motivated the women by fighting for the women suffrage. This brought life to the women campaigns for suffrage that was dead. It was because of this reason that caused the women to aggressively fight for their rights to vote.

            Lastly, unity caused the women to fight for their rights. Before 1867, the women were very dormant in fighting for their right to vote. This was because they did not have unity amongst them. However, after they joined hands in unity they became active in campaigning for their rights to vote. If the women did not have the unity, the campaigns for suffrage would have stayed dead. Therefore, similar to the women in the United States, unity caused the women to actively fight for their rights to vote.

The development of women suffrage

            In United States of America, the women suffrage developed gradually due to the above causes. What spear heading the developments were the organizations formed by the women. The first development was when Anthony and Canton formed the first organization named the National Women Suffrage Association to fight for the women suffrages. The other development was the formation of the American Women Suffrage Association by Stones. The greatest development was when the two groups sat together and decided to merge. The National American Women Suffrage Association was born from this union. This organization fought for the women suffrage until they attained suffrage in 1920.

            In Britain, the first development was when Juan Stuart Mill helped the women to fight for their right to vote. He was the one who motivated the women in fighting for suffrage. This development led to the formation of the first women suffrage committee in Manchester. They continued to fight for their rights and the first major development was in 1918 when the Parliament passed the bill to allow women who were thirty years old and above to vote. However, it was not until 1928 when the women in Britain achieved their greatest development when they were given the right to vote similar to that of the men.

Impacts of the women suffrage

            The women suffrage had great impact in the lives of the different women all over the world. For both the women in America and Britain, women suffrage had the same impacts. The first impact was that women were able to vote. This meant that their voices could be heard. Another impact of the women suffrage is that women were now able to acquire land and other assets. Before, women were not allowed to own any assets. Only the men were allowed to own land. This meant that suffrage had brought about remarkable impact on the women.

            Lastly, the women were now able to have jobs same as the men. In addition to this, the women would also attract the same salary as the men. All this was possible due to the women suffrage. These impacts were notable because, before the women were oppressed and were often seen as the weaker sex. However, after the acquisition of the right to vote they were no longer seen as weak anymore. It was because of the women suffrage, the impacts of women owning assets, acquiring jobs and having the right to vote came up.


            Since the time men and women were created, the men have always been viewed as superior to the women. This continued to transpire from one generation to the other. However, it was not until the nineteenth century when the women decided to unite and join forces to fight for their rights. Different women all over the globe were suffering the same things but what caused them to fight for their rights were different circumstances. One of the methods they used was the right to vote, that is, suffrage. Women in America were aggravated by the issue of the black men acquiring the right to vote while the women in Britain were motivated by the inflation that occurred in 1867. The two groups developed with the help of the different associations and committees they formed. Eventually they attained the right vote. The achievement of women suffrage paid off with many impacts that changed the lives of the women. The women could now vote, air their views, own property and obtained jobs with the same pay as the men.

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