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Eradicating Middle Class in America

is basically one of the biggest social class in America .A lot has been said and theories fronted to explain the American middle class. Regardless of whatever model that is used to explain this social class ,the middle class is always approximated to be 60 percent .These are families of people who are struggling with life but at least can afford a few luxuries unlike their lower class counterparts. Most sociologists have divided it into two sub groups .That is the upper middle class and the lower middle class .The upper middle class which is also known as the professional class basically comprised of professionals who are salaried for instance managers. Most of them have university degrees and one salary is enough to sustain their households. The lower middle class on the other hand basically comprise of semi professionals and others like skilled craftsmen .This class requires two sources of income to enable them live comfortably .People of the middle class are slightly comfortable in life, slightly comfortable standards of living .Most of them have significant social and economic security, some work autonomy and can sustain themselves. Most people who are normally considered to be middle class belong to many other very diverse groups that overlap each other. One of the main indicators of middle class is college education; a couple of the people .Middle class values in most cases tend to emphasize aspects like independence and valuing some intrinsic standards. When it comes to politics they are very active than other demographics. People of the middle class are influential in the sense that they comprise of most of the voters, journalists, writers, editors etc. Another very important aspect of the middle class in the United States of America is that most of the societal trends, fads and fashions emerge from people of the middle class.  

The most affected

America is known to be the land of plenty but hunger and scarcity of subsistence is also a reality for many people in American especially people of the middle class. People in virtually every community face the possibility or risk of having problems ranging from social, political and economic. Social problems like in most cases are caused by low status and class like middle class. In a number of ways, the United States of America is considered to be the land of plenty. It is approximated that one out of six  Americans, of the middle class is affected by problems to do with basic needs like food. According to Lyon et al, hunger forever is all about eradicating hunger and restoring insulin sensitivity among people of the lower middle class in America. Contrary to popular belief that the problems like famine and other which are related to hunger only affect small pockets of our society, or some specific places, or certain states, but the truth of the matter and reality is totally much different. At the moment, millions of people in American are embroiled in hunger struggles. This social problems menace affects people of all ages in middle class i.e. hard-working grownups, seniors and children who can’t make ends meet so they starve. ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) Relief fund-raising dinner aims at supporting people of the middle class particularly those in the lower segment who have critical problems like diet issues, they have for instance come up with a mobile feeding programs by providing hot and delicious meals, food vouchers which are redeemable at local food stores, and they also provide emergency help to homeless people and the poor. The ICNA has food pantries in major cities in the U.S which distribute food to needy people of the middle class.

Common problems that effects people of the middle class.

One of the most common problems that affects people of the middle class in the united states of America include bad nutrition which eventually impacts negatively on their health. Bad nutrition in most cases affects children more than it does on any other group in lower middle class in the American society because children are at the developing stage in life where sufficient food and proper nutrition is of utmost importance. Insufficient nutrition in many ways puts children at risk for diseases and illness consequently weakening their immune system. The yet to be mature immune systems of children, particularly those in their teen age , make them  vulnerable to nutritional problems and this has far reaching effects on their growth. Related complications like the inability to learn grow, and being able to fight infections. Without proper nutritional intake people and particularly children and the old people are at a great risk for bad health. These two groups are particularly in trouble when it comes to diet issues in the sense that they have unique and specific nutritional requirements and in fact most of them require special diets because of the stage they are in in life. Research shows that children who are from food insecure lower middle class and families are ninety percent (90 %) more likely to have poor health and are also have a higher rate of hospitalization. Lack of proper and sufficient nutritional intake does not only affect children’s health but it also some bad economic consequences to their respective families because of the exorbitant hospitalization fees. According to Nix, S. 2005, Lack of proper and adequate nutrition does affect the cognitive, growth and behavioral development of most middle class. Child development is a necessary stage in the life of a child; this is when they are supposed to attain skills in communication, memory, language, cognition, motor ability and in social interaction. Research by nutritionists on middle class households found out that households that experience food insecurity and have low income are more likely to have problems related to fatigue, irritability  and difficulty in concentrating while in class compared to children from well to do families. A lot of research shows that social problems that are closely related to poverty like food insecurity is always associated with bad grades in class, absenteeism, anxiety, aggression, psychosocial and related dysfunctions and poor social interaction among children. Hunger is by and large brought about by food insecurity, and this has shown to be closely associated with tragedies like suicide and dangerous depressive disorders among middle class Americans. Food insecurity does not only have an impact on the mental health of children but also on the mental health of their mothers. It is believed that there exists a very intimate association between maternal depression and poverty in addition to poor health among children.

Preventive measures

The authorities should step in and help by coming up with better housing and create gainful employment for the people of middle class. The most common problem that should be addressed is nutrition which is in most cases linked to health. Some of the emergency measures that should be used in handling the problems of people of the middle class should include helping them access some of the basic need like food; shelter and clothing .A major problem to be tackled here is poverty eradication. One of the areas to begin with should be relieving hunger and famine which basically include providing scarce and deficient micronutrients, like vitamins and mineral salts, through packed fortified sachet in form of powder or directly via supplements. Aid groups should hit the road running with the use of famine relief models in which they basically based on giving cash vouchers to hungry people in a bid to pay local producers, rather than spending on food from donor countries because the latter sort of distorts the local food market. They should help in building houses to accommodate those who can’t afford better shelter. Long-term measures to the social challenges life clothing, shelter and food should include investment in modern forms of agricultural techniques, like use of fertilizers, processes like irrigation, which help in eradicated hunger among the lower middle class in America. Some of the World Bank strictures restrict subsidies by government to farmers, and again the increasing use of farm fertilizers is being rejected by a number of environmental groups alleging that the unintended consequences that come with the use of it is dire, for instance the effects that fertilizers have on water supplies.

The origin and rise of middle class


The origin or the middle class in America cannot be clearly traced but at least its rise can be explained. There are places and some activities or even movements that are always associated with the rise of the middle class .For instance places like Harlem and other projects which were predominantly home of most blacks who were the most poor in the American society are always believed to be some of the origins of the middle class because most of the people there were of the working class. As time went by, they started getting enlightened and empowerment which in many ways elevated some of them who now became lower middle class and later on graduated to middle class.

 Harlem was characterized with a lot of art, music and different African American cultures which today remain very vital aspects when describing people of the middle class.  Most art works seem to greatly vary across different genres and periods of time. Most of the works originated  from  ingenious minds of various individuals .Most of these people were in a way or another influenced by their cultures and other works of art by fellow artist .In some case it were the presiding eras that influenced  the characteristics and styles of reaction to those works of art. Harlem Renaissance was a sort of social cultural movement which took place in 1920s and 1930s.By then most people referred to it as the new Negro Movement. The Harlem renaissance was by and large a movement that highlighted the plight of African Americans in the Harlem neighborhood of the expansive New York City, most of the French-speaking African American writers particularly those from Caribbean colonies and were working in Paris were greatly influenced Harlem Renaissance. Most Historians seem to contradict each other on the matter concerning when the Harlem renaissance actually begun and ended. This movement in many ways necessitated the growth and rise of the now expansive middle class in America. The Renaissance is believed by many to have started around 1919 and spanned over for sometime till early 1930s.This is the time middle class began being vocal and Most of their ideas were interesting and much longer. By and large the art works in the Harlem renaissance expressed social-cultural beliefs and other related cultural elements like religious beliefs with of course some political undertones of political ideologies. This was evident is some of the messages their music. Most of the pictorial images were in black and expressed the hard working nature of blacks, owing to the fact that most of them showed people in the fields doing agricultural works.

Housing problem

Housing is one of the main basic needs that people of the middle class grapple with. Most middle class people around New York for instance were living in structures that were not fit for human occupation, no running water, poor sanitation and drainage system .New York City for some time became one of the very important places; in fact it was like a center where the African Americas and other blue collar middle class masses used to meet. Their number increased tremendously and their already large number as middleclass of the Negro descent went even higher. In the nineteenth century, the whites had come up with a district which was basically exclusive for the people of middle class and their close upper middle class counterparts .They had come up with very classy houses, nice and big avenues fully equipped with social amenities like opera house and some other venues for hosting events. At some point all of a sudden the district was disserted by the native white people .Harlem slowly but surely became a neighborhood with predominantly African-Americans in early 1900s. Ten years later, a large group of African American was brought in the neighborhood by some religious group .Many other African Americans moved in during the World War (1).And because of the war the mass migration of cheap laborer from most of the European countries virtually ceased and in the process there was a massive demand for cheap and unskilled labor to work in the industries. The Great movement of people led to an influx of African Americans in places like New York City, Chicago, and Cleveland etc.

Another problem that most people of the middle class are facing is outsourcing of jobs. Most of the jobs that they are supposed to be doing are outsourced to others due to the high competition of this class. Middle class has so many people and this in many ways makes it very difficult for each and every one of them comfortably get a job. Industrialization was partly the reason why people got attracted to cities from other places like rural areas giving rise to a whole new culture. Some of the contributing factors that led to the growth of the now expansive middle class in America as far as most historians are concerned, were the massive migration of people of the black community to cities in the north. The migration sort of brought together ambitious people in one central place and made it even easier to encourage one another .some of the factors that led to the decline of this wonderful era was the Great Depression that come with the First World War. Until the end of the War, the majority of blacks had actually been made slaves and resided from South. Immediately after slavery was abolished, people of black community began to actively participate in civic activities, political activities, cultural and economic activities and hence started gaining self-determination consequently leading to the rise of middle class.


Most people who are of the middle class ,especially from rural America are more likely to experience more social problems like bad shelter and hunger largely because of poverty .A critical component to good social well being and healthy living, according to experts, is nutrition. From birth, intake of important nutrients is necessary for a child’s growth and development. Proper nutrition, particularly for the better stages of infantry is very important in as far as establishing and maintaining proper growth foundation for a child is concerned. Poverty has serious implications on children’s future mental and physical health, class work, and also economic productivity.

 In the United States, at least more than one out of six children from the lower middle class is in a household with serious social problems poverty ranking very high and food insecurity as a major characteristic, and this means that they actually don’t have an idea whether they will survive the following day. According to the Department of Agriculture (USDA), close to seventeen million children in the United States live in such pathetic condition. They are unable to access social amenities and basic human needs like consistently get access to nutritious and sufficient amounts of food that is necessary for a healthy living.

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