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Diverse Learners and Parent Relationship

Diverse Learners and Parent Relationship

The diversity of the student’s character, culture, family background, education, race, gender, political alignment and general climate affects their overall performance. American Colleges and Universities have been engaged in an ongoing debate about how best to enroll, educate and graduate students from groups historically underrepresented in higher education. It is the work of the teachers and educational institution administrators to administer their information to students in classrooms using the best strategies to avoid stereotypes and bias for academic excellence. For instance, American colleges and Universities harbor students from different races bearing different backgrounds, experiences and climate. Therefore the teachers have an obligation to pass information to these students fairly without showing any discrimination, racism and favoritism. The ultimate purpose of this study is to elaborate how diversity of student’s characters can be used positively in learning institutions to promote quality and fair education and how parents can work together with schools to promote better education.

Race as a characteristic of human beings is normally misused in learning institutions. In most Colleges in America, white students are dominant and they tend to it as an opportunity to bully or rather mistreat students of other races. This discrimination among the students make students from minority races to feel inferior and unworthy hence affecting the students performance in class (Simpson, 1987).Teachers should take an initiative to discourage such behaviors by providing an equal opportunity of all the students in class to contribute in class. The teachers also should punish the racist students and counseling them so that they can understand the effect of racism and how it can affect ones performance in class. Though students come from different places in this world, they have a right to express themselves and get equal access to education. The discrimination among students based on race practiced in school should reported to parents who should take a stern position of discipline their children to uphold the values of equal rights and fairness to education.

The teachers in most institutions promote negativity on diversity which makes most of students to follow suite hence affecting the weak in classes especially in colleges and universities. Gender imbalance, poverty and poor family backgrounds are taken by some tutors to mistreat the weak especially the students of the female sex. The gender imbalance in class especially in taking up responsibilities makes the female students inferior leading to poor performance and low self esteem. To the contrary, the tutors have a responsibility to discourage such vices and concentrate on equality in class and support of the girl child to perform better so that they can also take care of themselves in future.

Parents and the school have a bigger role to promote diversity is classrooms and even at home. The parents and teachers have a responsibility of mutual existence among the students irrespective of gender, political alignments, family background, poverty, sex and religious groupings. This will enhance peace of mind, creativity among the students and superiority of the mind to develop self esteem and growth in education. Therefore, to promote the parent school relationship the annual strategic plan is as below;

Parents’ contribution in eradication of racism (First Day of First Semester)

Parents have a great role to play in eradication and prevention of racism in the school society. On the first day of the first semester; the parents come together with the students and the lecturers of different races from different places in the world (Woolbright, 1989). During the meeting some parents of different races represent others in passing across the information of anti racism its effects and how to avoid racism. The parents have an opportunity to support interracial relationships which may lead to marriage hence stopping racial characters among the students, even the lecturers. After the meeting, these parents of different worlds have an opportunity to interact with the students face to face.

Parents on Gender Balance (Second Semester of the Academic Year)

The schooladministration together with the parents should work together in the promotion of gender balance in the school. This will be achieved by inviting the bigger fraction of women who have excelled academically and in leadership to come out and talk to the students citing out that the girl child have an equal opportunity to do better what the male child can do. They will extend the same information to the lecturers to be gender sensitive and place a woman at the same level as the male. Male students and lecturers will be encouraged to stop mistreating the female for them to gain power and good edge in this world.

Parents on Language (During annual Graduation)

During graduation, parents from all the races represented will be given an opportunity express their concern on the use of language in the classrooms. The parents will submit their concerns on how languages should be used in classes to promote good understanding of the content by all the students. If there are some students complaining about the same, the University administrators should be advised to on it for the betterment of the students’ performance in and outside.

Conclusively, though diversity haven’t been impressed positively among the students, teachers and the parents in the promotion of better education, there is a way out if the parents and the teachers will work together to shape the students and if the students will be willing to learn and shun away from racism, gender imbalance and poverty discrimination.

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