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When the human body is attacked by pathogenic agents such as bacterial, viral, protozoa and other disease causing micro- organisms, the immune system mount a defense mechanism against the alien agent and as such one may fail ill or sick. Consequently and individual may fall sick as a result of pathogenic tissue and organ destructions leading to interruption of vital body processes. Due to the varying nature of the disease causative the treatment vary from one condition to the other.

Among the most pronounced diseases in the world are malaria, TB and HIV/ AIDS. Human immunal deficiency syndrome is defined as the collection of symptoms and infections in human resulting from the specific damage to the immune system caused by the symptom with the HIV virus. The HIV virus is transmitted from an infected person to none infected individual through un protected sexual intercourse with an infected person, through transfusion of contaminated blood or through direct contact of the mucus membrane with the body fluids containing the virus.

The mode of treatment for HIV/ AIDS varies from society to society due to the stigma associated with its symptoms. According to smith at el (2004,pg 2) “empowerment Based Models and Program Applications are used to provide a sound framework of intervention practices for case managers and care coordinators to help HIV/AIDS patients live longer and healthier lives.”

“The therapeutic or Clinical mode of treatment involves establishing a relationship with the case manager as a treatment provider with rapport and trust of supporting multidisciplinary teams to provide a range of specialty services to clients with the intent to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and improve independent functioning in the community”. Kane (2008, pg 15)  In addition practice Issues in HIV/AIDS Services is a necessary for both the victims and the professional managers who administer treatments. According to Kane (2008, pg 15) natural herbal preparations have been developed to treat HIV as is the case with the traditional Chinese medicine and the therapeutic effect of blended herbs. He further argues that herbs foster fast restoration of the systematic functionality of the body as well as overcoming infection. Through administered herbs the sufferer is able to take nourishment, maintain weight, gain strength and spirit all of which are vital to recovery and a normal healthy life.

In additional to the herbs and other traditional concoction used to treat HIV/AIDS anti retroviral drugs which have been scientifically to lower the reproductive rate of the virus are administered with an aim of increasing the CD4 count.

Thus in conclusion disease treatment depends on causative and even though not all diseases have known cures their health effects can be minimized through socially mediated programs. 

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