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Survey and Design

The type of survey suitable in finding out if the children of teenage moms face teenage pregnancy themselves is the use of questionnaire design. This is the most preferred since we have a clear defined goal for the research. The questions that will be on the questionnaire will be developed to directly address the research goals. For better response rate it is advisable for the researcher to ensure that the questionnaire is short, since the response rate is an effective indicator of how the results got can be relied on. For a researcher to know if the question is important he should consider if the information fetched would be useful for making a clear and workable decision. In order to improve the use of a questionnaire design survey you need to include some experts and relevant decision makers. A well formulated plan should be designed for doing statistical analysis before designing a questionnaire. Ensuring that the questionnaire is designed in a simple way; for instance have short and clear instructions on how to fill the questionnaire, easy to understand questions that create a good first impression when taken to the respondent (Brace, 2008). Before sending to the respondents it is wise to try it on the representatives of the targeted audience.

It is usually important for the researcher to clearly define the target population relying on logic and judgment in view of the research goals. In doing this research we decided to use the probability sampling method. This is when every member of the population has a known non-zero probability of being selected in the sample population. For this kind of research we can use the stratified sampling method, they use a stratum which is a subset of the population that shares at least one common characteristic. The researcher will be required to involve random sampling to be able to select subjects from each stratum until it is proportional to its frequency in the population. Like we can sample all single ladies with children, then we narrow down to teenage single mothers then down to those whose children have teenage pregnancies. This type of sampling method is commonly used one or more of the stratums in the population have a low incidence relative to the other stratums.

This type of survey and design in research has many advantages; it has been proven to be cost effective compared to face-to-face interviews especially in large sample sizes and geographical areas (Brace, 2008). It is easy to analyze a questionnaire even without the help of a computer; questionnaires are also familiar among people compared to internet surveys. They reduce biasness since the responses are not influenced by the researcher’s own opinions.

Just as any other type this kind of survey and design in research, there are a number of disadvantages; there is a possibility of low response rate hence the plight of statistical analysis lowering results confidentiality. This method is not flexible since it is unable to probe responses due to the response format. In cases of sensitive issues on the questionnaire there will be lack of personal contact hence the results can be severely affected. 

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