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Religion Exam

What is Braham? This is the head of gods in Hinduism. What is Nirguna Brahman? Is the supreme reality without form, quality and attribute or God as the absolute does not have a name and form or attributes. What is Sarguna Brahman? In Hindusim he is referred as God with personal characteristics or attributes.

What is the Hindu Trinity? Are they three Gods? Hindu trinity is the three Gods that is Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu where Brahma represents the creator and the other represents forms of God (Sharma 2000).

Is Brahman similar to the concept of God in Judaism or Christianity? Brahman is not similar since the concept of their god is complex and it depends on a certain tradition. For them God is seen as omnipresent gods of goddesses for all Hinduism. In neither Judaism they prefer God as neither matter nor spirit while in Christianity God is a single being who exists as the father, son and Holy Spirit. Is Hinduism polytheism? It is difficult to define since other regard it true or false because there are several Hinduism traditions who belief in many gods (Lorenzen 2006).

What is Vedanta? Is a form of Hindu theology based on the combined interpretations of three sacred sources including; Upanishads, Bhagavad-Gita and Vedanta-Sutra. What is Advaita Vedanta? This is the most influential sub-school of the Vedanta. Which side of Brahman is ultimate? Is the conception of nirguna Brahman (Sharma 2000).

Advaita Vedanta is based on what primary scripture? It is based on Sloka of Sanskrit epics. What is Bhakti Devotion? Is an intense spiritual love committed to God and is often compared with knowledge. Bhakti is based on what primary scripture? It is based on the Bhagavata Purana, spoken by Prahlada.

What is the difference between Krishna consciousness International and Self-Realization Fellowship? Krishna consciousness talks about total self commitment for life to Krishna whereas Self-Realization Fellowship talks about cosmic consciousness in worshipping. How are a self realization Fellowship Service? It is conducted every week in temples, centers and meditation groups worldwide. What is meant by “self realization”? It is an experience of self awareness (Lorenzen 2006).

What is “Satchidananda”? This is a combination of three words meaning existence, consciousness and receptiveness.

Discuss our main bodies. Our bodies contain bacteria cells than human cells. It has the same soul but bodies are divided in many different parts with each part having it is own function.

What are the Chakras? Yoga philosophy describes it as one of the seven canters of spiritual energy in the human body. How is Chakra healing performed? It absorbs energy from the universe and living things like nature and energy from other people.

Who is Sri Aurobindo? He was an Indian and freedom fighter, philosopher and yogi born in15 August 1872 and died 5 December 1950. How did he change modern Hinduism? He had five dreams which he wanted to achieve.  His philosophical and spiritual ideas led to founding of movement that brought Indian transformation.

Who is the Father Bede Griffiths? He was an Englishman from London born 17 December 1906, a man with no guile and one of the greatest spiritual leaders of 20th century.

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