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Placebo Effect

Placebo effect per se means to influence a person or a group of people with regards a certain matter that would likely be able to speak to their being. Practically, the placebo effect is utilized by medical representatives who aim to observe if one particular medication would work towards the situation of one person. This effect utilizes the suggestive power of the mind towards the function of the different parts of the bodily systems of the individual. To create the connection, a person is empowered or held to believe on a certain matter. Through this belief, the individual is expected to respond to the thoughts being suggested to him or her. The brain’s capability to control the ways by which the body functions obviously create a more definite effect on how one person responds to a particular matter that occurs to them.

In the audio that has been dedicated to discuss the different aspects of Placebo effect, it has been repeatedly shown how this particular aspect of psychological control is being used to evaluate human personality and attitude in contrast with the capability of the mind to suggest what is supposed to be considered by the individuals concerned. Leading a person to believe in something is what placebo effect is about.

This is the reason why most diagnostic experts in the field of medicine utilize this aspect of effect among patients who they seem to observe to have certain issues when it comes to mental control. Trying to observe if they are telling the truth or if their ailment is simply caused by a particular self belief, these medical practitioners aim to confirm whether or not a patient needs emotional and psychological assistance or simply a concentrated medical treatment that is dedicated to curing one particular ailment alone.

On the other end, another aspect of social movement that utilizes this effect is that of the research field. Researchers usually use placebo effect to test particular matters and how these elements could actually affect the lives and the perception of humans towards the issues being examined. As for example, if a phenomenon is introduced to the society through a word of mouth, the society tend to believe the issue whether or not they do have the proof that this phenomenon is true. However, since they have heard about it, they become overwhelmed and thus react to the matter accordingly. This overwhelming feeling further motivates them to spread the word and affect the others as well.

At some point, this aspect of making people believe on certain matters help in the process of researching on a certain issue as the results are immediate and are practically observable without actually imposing changes in the society. The setting up of a phenomenon through the use of worded pass-through among human individuals creates a more effective stance on the research that are completed in accordance with the need to see how a particular group of people would react upon the matter.

However, on the other end, as the application of placebo effect among the sample population involves the need to deceive the people from the truth or from the reality of the research, some ethical issues might arise. Basically, it could be observed that somehow, giving particular attention to this effect of the process of utilizing placebo for research methods should give the researchers a chance to see whether or not a placebo effect approach is practically essential for the aimed result for such examination or study.

Personally, this understanding of the effects of placebo approach used by researchers and medical practitioners to impose thinking among the people gives the author of this paper a sense of realization to ask for evidence before believing in anything. Although it might be good for certain researchers to “not know” but it always pays to know something and be in the light of understanding matters that are occurring in the society. 

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