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Organizational Behavior

Every society has its own set of value system which in many cases differs from one culture to another. Values are important to any group of people who share a common background as it often forms the basis of interaction where the rules and standard of engagement are laid out. Sobo and Loustaunau (2010) confirm that cultural beliefs and values are fundamental part of people lives. However, as people tend to associate with one another, there is a tendency of a multicultural group of people to form. A multicultural group often embraces various values that are considered to be of progressive nature to all the cultural while at the same time question those that are perceived to be detrimental to the multicultural group.

Sapon-Shevin (2010) contends that the community and cultural values as well as standards vary from one group to another. This is could be the reason as to why multicultural group question the validity of some of the values that may be deemed to be lacking a common good for all. There are numerous outcomes that can result whenever a multicultural group question values that are regarded to be inconsistent with the group. In some cases, questioning of values may result in a change where the values under question are dropped while in some instances, the values under questioning may be reinforced by those who practice it (Robbins, 2009).

Jain (2005) believes that values shape one attitude and behavior in any given environment. As result of this understanding, questioning of a given value can lead to its modification or complete removal from the cultural fabric of a particular multicultural group. For instance, in a working environment, the questioning of values such as those that affirm the superiority of the male workers over the female workers can lead to a reaction where reforms are undertaken so as to improve the kind of attitudes and behavior regarding the way in which female workers are perceived at work. Since this new value is progressive, it questioning by the male machos’ can result in its being more embraced by the multicultural group.

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