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Obesity and Stress

Life at present is in its modernized state which means people are given the best opportunities available to realize their life’s fullest benefits. This includes the most specific advancements that are occurring in the society today which includes that of the technological developments allowing easier ways of living. Transportation has advanced in a manner that a person can transfer from one place to another in just a few minutes. The supposed stresses of long hours of walks have been educed through the utilization of these efficient transportation developments. Walking in malls and other establishments and walking through the stairs have all been made easier for humans through the use of modern technology (Bleich, et al, 2008:273).  Yes, life has become much easier and tasks became much faster to accomplish due to the aid of technology.

What of food? Because of the fast paced pattern of living, it could be noted how human individuals tend to neglect long-time food preparation. As for a fact, only 34% of the entire population in the United States and United Kingdom actually adhere to lengthened food preparations. Most human individuals choose easy-to-prepare foods that are sold in grocery stores and are microwavable. Truthfully, it is specifically agreeable to say that human individuals today choose convenience over health.

All these particular facts regarding modern living actually identify the reasoning behind the most pressing issues of health and obesity among human individuals today. Apparently, the capability of the modern technology to provide the ease that human long for has also caused the lesser attention most people put forth in giving attention to their health. As a result, the birth of issues on obesity and health stress actually gives way to the specific controversies that are now being handled by researchers at present.

In the discussion that follows, an understanding about obesity and the relation it has with stress shall be better examined. Specifically referring to the roots of stress and its causing reaction to the development of obesity among several individuals in the society today, this study shall showcase the most comprehensive issues of health that usually results to the controversies giving birth to researches dedicated to stress-control and other matters as such. Obesity in general shall be identified in this study to be under the bracket ages of 21-40 which means that the focal population of the research shall be the ones in their mid-ages. The reason for this is that they are the ones who are usually involved with matters familiarizing them to the resulting situations including stress and obesity. However, to know more about these particular issues, understanding what they are individually is an important part of the research. In the following two sections, Obesity and Stress shall be given a particular attention so as to give way to a better understanding that the reads should have towards these health issues thus making it easier to decipher to connection between and identify the solution that could be considered to avoid the effects of both phenomenon in the human society and to human individuals directly.

What is Obesity?

Obesity according to health experts is described as the resulting factor taken from the development of overeating and over inclusion of fat in the body. Through this, the body gains weight that is more than the parallel it should have compared to the age, gender and height of a human individual. Yes, there is an ideal weight for each person based on his age, his gender and his height. Once a person is measured to have weight above that ideal count, then he is deemed to be at the verge of losing control and becoming obese. Researches show that obesity is somehow resulted from three particular factors that pushes one to overeat or [it could be too] that the physical system of one might actually cause him or her to lose control of weight increase. Note the diagram below and observe the direction of growth obesity it poses to be factual:

As seen from this diagram, obesity intend to come out from three particular sources namely that of the sex hormone imbalance, increased free fatty acids and mechanical stress. Among these three factors, mechanical stress is the most common matter among at least 65% of the total population of obese individuals around the globe (James, 2008:13). This means that a higher percentage of the said population could still be given an answer of resolution that could actually mandate on the healthful advancement of the said individuals.

One more matter to be observed in the diagram is the reaction of the body to obesity. It should be realized that somehow,  from obesity comes the physical reactions such as that of sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, lower back pain, shortness of breath and worse is that of the development of diseases that might further make the problem more complicated; all these eventually leading to mortality if not treated well immediately. From this particular understanding, it could be realized how important the need for finding the right solution is to actually resolve the growth of obesity among human individuals in the society today.

What is Stress?

With stress being one of the most serious causes of obesity, it is just right to give focus on the identification of stress and the sources by which it develops into a problem that causes depression hence giving birth to eating disorders resulting to obesity. So the question is, what is stress? Stress is obviously a manner of reaction a person has to the situations that he or she might be facing at a certain time. The expansive consideration placed upon this reaction later on affects the body systems of the individual including that of his or her health. In the field of biology, the focus of identifying stress is on its underlying effect to one’s health. On the other end, psychology tries to explain the matter through giving a considerable assessment as to how the brain responds to the outside environments that might be causing the development of such irritation usually leading to issues of depression and even health deprivation. 

From the figure considered above, it could be realized how stress affects every single function of the body and how the different systems of the human health is practically destructed due to the increase of stress effects that one has to suffer. Among the systems that are affected directly and posses a great threat to health is that of the central nervous system. The failure of the brain to control the body functions due to the overflowing thoughts that one has due to stress makes it easier for one to release unguarded decisions which includes that of overeating. If observed from the explanation noted through the figure used for presentation, the nervous system, upon facing stress responds to the situation through a fight or flight approach (Petersen, et al, 1995:67). Usually, the fight approach of some include that of overeating which could also be categorized as a flight approach as it also entails the person to just eat and eat to forget the problems that might be plaguing him or her at the moment. Upon the supposed “forgetful” state of the individual upon that particular problem, realization steps in again and reality would again bring in the need of one to face the situation. Sadly, this has become a regular vicious cycle for many causing them to face the evasive effects of stress in their lives which develops into increased chances of more manifested growth into obesity.  The worse situation is that the realization upon the matter comes too late to those who actually have to suffer the effects of stress until it becomes a complicated issue that one might not be able to get out from.

How are Obesity and Stress Interrelated?

Luke 21:3, 4 mentions Pay attention to yourselves that your hearts never become weighed down with overeating and heavy drinking. Note that overeating has been categorized with heavy drinking making it a sin against the soul of one as he over indulge himself into the act. Yes, although the body needs food for nourishment and nutrient intake, it could be realized how this particular body requirement could also be an addictive act that one must need to avoid. The fact that the bible further advices on this matter imposes on the fact that it is indeed important that such issue be given particular attention as an immediate response hence avoiding the possible development of all other health problems that might arise from the situation.

Hence, as seen from the discussion presented within this research, the growth of stress in one, once treated could result to better at ease the mind of one bringing it away from over indulgence in food. This approach could later on hinder the growth of obesity in one hence at the same time protecting the human systems of a person from becoming overly affected by too much fat intake thus protecting the whole body at once. Yes, responding to the deeming effects of stress would do a great deal in completely dealing with the issues it causes the human body to suffer (Schore, 2003:76). Since stress is further empowered by negative thinking, many doctors and psychological advisers intend to manage the situation through inculcating pathways that one could follow as he deals with the different stressors in life. Among the most effective approaches to this matter is that of psychotherapy which involves an assessment of the thinking process of a person and an examination as to which particular way of understanding matters actually affect the vision one has towards life. Upon giving solutions to the possible psychological imbalances in a person, being able to give solution to depression causing [overeating and] obesity comes in naturally. With psychological assistance, making it easier for a person to deal with stresses much positively becomes possible (Seligman, 1975:90).


Stress is already a regular part of modern human living. Undoubtedly, in this case, stress is one element that is unavoidable yet in many ways is treatable. With it being the source of overreaction to matters which includes overeating, stress should be learnt to be dealt with properly by each human individual. The establishment of a positive outlook in life could be a specific source of confidence in one thus providing him the most effective tool needed to avoid the snares of overeating and obesity. Only through this approach that one could actually break free from the enslaving chains of obesity and begin to restart a new life that is healthy, not particularly stress-free but a more positive path that leads to easier management of stress. 

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