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Nancy Mairs

Nancy Mairs is a female writer who has written a collection of articles and essays. In her essay “on being a cripple”, she uses certain keywords to narrate her experience as a cripple. For the example the use of words like body self-image, depression, suffering, suicide, humor, and catastrophe are all aimed at narrating her experience. She names her self a cripple with the intention of making people grimace and goes ahead to state that, “I want them to see me as a tough customer, one to whom the fates/gods/viruses have not been kind, but who can face the brutal truth of her existence squarely” (Mairs, 1996 p9).

Mairs essay obey analytical writing, it is precise and gives important details. For example, she gives important details on the kind of life she used to live before she was ill, the uncertainty after diagnosis, and how her personality has changed since the illness. She goes ahead to express her need of assistance and observes the kindness among the people around her who are ready to help.

She is happy to have a good family which she depends on now that she is a “cripple”. However, she observes that, people are just willing to help her because she is a cripple. In her essay, we find a critical analysis of her life as a cripple and her life before she became a cripple.

According to evaluative writing, Mairs describes how disability “being a cripple” is not readily accepted in the present society, which is fanatical of physical fitness. She also comments on how the society expects her to be socially responsible. She understands that, her condition is at stake since her medical professionals have not been able to cure her illness but she is not ready to let go and promises to fight to the very end (Mairs, 1996)

Mairs essay obeys the problem-solving writing. She describes how she can still perform certain activities in spite of her condition. Her essay contains irony, and humor that keeps a reader off-balance. She is positive about her condition and comments that it has not hindered her from doing some of the things she like doing. However, she is keen to note that, the illness has deprived her off her ability to perform certain activities but still holds that disability is not inability.

An apocalypse is a term that describes the end of the world. For this assignment, I will discuss the alien invasion and show how it can finish the world. The alien invasion is used in science fiction to describe how an extraterrestrial society can invade the world with the intention of eliminating human life by replacing, enslaving and harvesting human food to render human being extinct. It is a metaphor used in protestant movement against societal ills.

The aim of alien invasion is to invade but not to help the population on earth.  If Aliens invade the earth, they will ferociously attack our spacecraft, cruelly kidnap us, callously perform experiments on us, and ruthlessly aim their death-rays at us. Aliens only come to earth for two main reasons, to find some resource they do not have on their own planet, or to use human being for unlawful breeding research.

These circumstances play on our most primitive human uncertainties of trailing the resources we need to stay alive and to reproduce. If these resources are taken from us, we will not be able to reproduce and the conditions for survival will be threatened. This will lead to a slow but sure rate of death that will eventually render human life extinct.

Many scholars are still arguing on the possibility of an alien invasion occurring. Although some strongly hold that this only occurs in movies, it is likely that an alien invasion will occur in future which will mark the end of human life.

 “An identity reduced to a Burka” is an essay written by Semeen Issa and Laila Al-Marinate. What I liked most about this essay is how people identity Muslim women by their clothing “the burka”. People have concentrated on the Muslim Burka and forgotten the suffering and misery the Afghanistan women have to go through. Although the Burka means a lot to the Muslim women, they have their priorities for example, looking after their children, educating them and protecting themselves (Al-Marayati & Issa, 2002). The authors are trying to show that, we should not only look at how people identity themselves religiously but also the kinds of lives they live.

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