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Human Memory and Personality

The study, understanding, analyzing and interpretation of human behavior is one of the most complex issues that most scientist go through in their research on a day to day basis. It is however important to note that this study of human behavior has been in practice for thousands and thousands of years and as the world undergoes through change and technological improvements, more specifically the rapid growth and development of the internet and communication technology sectors so does the methods and techniques used in the study of the human behavior change. On a general term, psychology can be said to the process of the study of human and animal mental behavior and characters to ascertain why they (animals and human beings) behave in a particular manner.

Purpose of the Paper

This research paper will wholly focus on human psychology which is one of the main branches of behavioral and social science. Other branches are anthropology, archeology, animal behavior, economics, sociology, linguistics, education and ethnology. The main purpose of the paper will be to understand how the memory of a person can shape his/her personality and how an individual’s personality helps in guiding their memory. The paper will however begin by looking at the different compositions of human memory and the role that each part plays. There are different human traits and it is hard for two or more people to have the same personality, this research paper will discuss the various personal traits and the impact that these traits have on the life of a person.

As indicated in the paper, the study of human psychology is a study that began long time ago and since then there have been various facts and fictions about human psychology. To fully separate “chuff from wheat” and facts from fiction when it comes to human psychology, the paper will state and explain different facts about psychology and how they affect the human behavior. To comprehensively understand the main theme of the paper, the different types of human psychology will also be discussed their characteristics and the role that they play in human growth and development. It is by understanding by the different types of human psychology that we will be in a better position to figure out how memory affects the personality of a person and how an individual’s personality helps in guiding their memory.

The Human Memory

There have been numerous definition of the term human memory, however according to Gatech, the human memory can be described as the part of the human brain that is used to process and store information (Gatech, 2007). In addition to that, Gatech has observed that the human memory is divided into three different parts (memory modules) and each of this plays a different role; the first module is the sensory memory, it is then followed by the short term memory and finally there is the long term memory.

Sensory memory: This is the memory that captures the initial information that is sent into the human brain. Sensory memory is found in all data input organs on the human body, for example eyes, ears etc. If the information is not processed (memorized) quickly then the information is quickly lost since it stores the information temporarily. It is important to note the sensory memory is divided into three; the iconic sensory memory which is related to the sense of sight, the echoic sensory memory which deals with hearing and finally the haptic sensory memory which focuses on the sense of touch. It is the information that is captured in this first part of the memory that is then transferred to the second module.

Short term memory: The short term memory can be said to be the working memory of the brain. Most of the information in the short term memory is the immediate memory that a person uses on a regular basis. One limitation of the short term memory is that it has a limited capacity as compared to the long term memory which stores information for a longer duration of time.

Long term memory: Long term memory is the “engine” of the brain. It is here that information is stored for a long period and retrieved when needed. The retrieval of information from the long term memory section can be in two ways; recall and recognition. In addition to that, the long term memory is divided into different structural components. The first section is the declarative section which deals with particular details while the second section is the procedural section whose main focus is on practical skills. Having looked at the composition of the human memory, it will be wise for the paper to then mention the basic aspects about human personality; it is after so doing that the paper will then proceed to discuss how the two affect the life of a person.

The Human Personality

What is human personality and how does one’s personality influence his/her behavior. According to Manzoor, human personality can be described as the set of characteristics possessed by a person that are used to influence a person behavior and way of life (Manzoor, 2007). There are various traits that can influence a person’s behaviors and they include, open heartedness, meticulousness, amicability among others. It is however important to note that not all human beings possess positive human personal traits, there are those that have negative traits like greediness, jealousy, envy and each of this affects their way of living both professional and social life. Having mentioned the positive and negative personal traits, it is important to note that the mentioned traits that a person possesses can be categorized into two distinct groups; introvert and extrovert. An introvert person can be said to be one who is shy and do not open up or socialize easily with others while extroverts are jovial and “social animals”. It is however not automatic that an introvert person will have positive traits or an extrovert person will have negative traits rather it depends on the social, economic and education background of a person. People who are well learned and come from stable social and economic back grounds are more like to have positive traits irrespective as to whether they are introverts or extrovert as compared to their colleagues who are less educated and financially unstable.

Branches of Human Psychology

The personalities of people vary depending on the social and economic status of the person, the level of education of an individual can help to tell the personality of a person. Never the less, there are different types / branches of psychology and each of them covers a different area of human growth and development. These branches include clinical, developmental, evolutionary, forensic, health, neuropsychology, occupational, social and finally the cognitive psychology (Taylor, 2009). As indicated earlier on in this section, the above mentioned types of psychology deal with specific cases, it is however the cognitive psychology that is applicable in this research paper. According to Taylor, the purpose of the cognitive psychology is to try and demystify how human beings communicate, think, learn and remember different things in life. By understanding this branch of psychology, one will be in a better position to figure out how memory affects the personality of a person and how an individual’s personality helps in guiding their memory. One of the advantages of cognitive psychology is that it helps an individual to improve his/her mental accuracy when it comes to decision making process and as a result it can help an individual to develop the required personality for a social or professional setting (Taylor, 2009). There have been numerous “facts” about psychology; however most of these facts have been nothing but facts without any supporting evidence.

Facts about Human Psychology

The main purpose of this paper is to look at how memory affects the personality of an individual and and how an individual’s personality helps in guiding their memory; however before it is discussed it is important to demystify facts from fiction in relation to human psychology. According to Cherry, some of the facts about human psychology is that, it is the study of human mind and behavior, it applies scientific methods in its study, different psychologist have adapted to diverse perspectives when it comes to psychology, it covers various fields and branches as mentioned in the paper. Other facts about psychology is that it explores both theoretical and practical issues related to human life, it strives to describe, explain, predict, modify and improve human behaviors and finally it equally deals with normal and abnormal human behaviors (Cherry, 2010)

How does Memory Shape a Person’s Personality and how does Personality Guide a Person’s Memory?

The memory status of a person can determine the personality of the person depending on whether the person is of sound memory or not. According to Trinh, people suffering from medical conditions such as the Alzheimer disease are more likely to develop a negative personality complex and as a result this will definitely affect their social and professional well being (Trinh, 2005). The reason for this is that this disease affects the central nervous system of the patient rendering him/her “useless”. Drug abuse and alcoholism can also affect a person memory and this in turn will affect their personality. The social, economic and education status of a person will most likely influence the personality of the person. This is because a person who comes from a well off back ground and well educated will strive to display positive personal traits as compared to their counterparts who might be “struggling” with life to make ends meets. On the contrary, a person with a sound memory will always ensure that they maintain a positive public and private personality. This however varies depending on whether the person has a sharp memory or not, whereas those with sharp memories tend to be more concerned with their personalities, the others seem to care less about their personalities and the image they portray to the public. 

According to BSM, there are sixteen different types of personalities and each of them has a distinct description (BSM, 2010).  A person with positive personality traits will work hard to ensure that they have equally sharp memory and vice versa. This however comes in handy when it comes to the social and professional life where a person is supposed to behave in a certain way and keep memory of important events that occur in their lives. In most cases however it is the memory of a person that determines the personality of a person and not the personality of a person that determines the memory of a person. The reason for this as indicated in the paper is that a person who has a sharp memory will ensure that they develop positive traits that will help them earn a decent and honest life.

Summation of the Paper

Memory and personality are two inseparable things and one of them determines the functionality of the other. This research paper has extensively dealt with memory and personality. The paper has looked at the different memory modules and their role in the human body. It has then looked at the definition of positive and negative human traits and how they affect the social and professional life of a person. In addition to that, the research paper has discussed the different types of psychology that are studied in the science world. The issues of myths about psychology have been common, to put the matter to rest the paper has stated the various facts about psychology and all that it covers.

The next part of the paper has focused on how memory affects the personality of a person. In this area, the paper has discussed how drug and alcoholism affect a person’s personality and it has also mentioned a disease that affects the central nervous system of a person; the Alzheimer disease. In conclusion, the paper has focused on the human traits and how they can affect their memory. 

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