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The term hacking is defined as an unethical access to someone’s information without prior- information. This is an activity that has been done and continues to be done by many online individual. In the modern society, there is uproar of technology that has brought abundant changes in the way man is living and carrying out several duties. As much as computer technology has brought great advancements in the field of information and communication technology, there are various vices that have come in line with this technology.  

Hackers have discovered that they are able to make money by attacking the cyber and other online stations. They have therefore developed and taken full control of the botnet, and bots-for-hire-to-date powerful attacking device that has attacked many computers in the world. These operations are carried out as a form of business. They aim at making maximum profits from the little that they do in the internet.  They are termed criminal activities due to the fact that they operate contrary to he wishes of the people in place.

At the moment, there are the newer botnets that use computers of people to spread the bot codes. These codes are centrally controlled by dedicated control channels that are used to detect and maintain bot herder. When the herder has been installed in an individual’s computer, it has the ability to spread as it generates a spam, phising attacks and a large scale spam besides others. These spams disclose private and sensitive information to other servers who are remote to the victim. There are even more other decentralized control channels that makes it harder for an individual to use other protective devices to have the computer protected from such harm. They are generally considered dangerous software materials that operate online.

There are various transactions that are getting underway in the financial markets at the moment. These transactions make use of the information that can be retrieved from the online sources. Unfortunately, these sources are the ones that are the main carriers of these codes.

Many online sectors have therefore come up with advanced ways of ensuring that their online sites are well protected. We can say that it is from the presence of the hacking techniques that has seen advancements in the computer security sectors. Moreover, as much as these codes are spread unanimously, there are ways that can be involved in to make the codes non-transferable to the computer of an individual.            

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