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Dominican in Baseball

Having been a coach for several years, I am well aware that a Dominican can effectively play baseball in the U.S. This is by analyzing the Dominicans style of play which is filled with passion and great agility.  In comparing the various formats in which the game is played, I note that the Dominicans way of playing and tactics are well similar to those of USA. Every coach looks at the best way of winning games and tackling his opponents. In this case therefore, as a coach I will not rule out the possibility of a Dominican being so successful in playing baseball in USA.

Looking at the history of the game in Dominican it is possible to draw a clear connection. It is argued that the game was introduced there by some US marines. This is a fact that shows that the game is more or less the same sin the two countries. From this we note a close connection and interaction between the two nations dating a long period of time. From this interaction it is a very possible fact that the Dominicans fit into playing baseball in the US (Gmelch, 2006).

From the history of the game we notice that the game has been played in Dominican for over 100years. This is a long history of the game and is adequate to make up adequate expertise in a nations game. From this therefore, a Dominican with a passion for the game will appropriately play the game. Passion for a game needs prior exposure. This is present for the Dominicans and from that backdrop, there has been a success in playing the game in the US cannot be ignored (Clammer, Grosberg, and Porup, 2008). From this therefore, we note that a Dominican player has all the expertise and exposure like any other player. This makes it easy and possible from them to play in the US.

Success in any game only requires passion/talent and good coaching. In this case therefore the possibility of a Dominican player playing in the US cannot be ruled out. The Dominican has many talented players. These players if coached appropriately can play very well even in the US environment. This hitherto has made many Dominicans succeed in the game in the US.

Every game has been known to be well paying. If a player noted that a game is paying him or her well there is nothing that would deter them from joining. This can be seen from recent articles Dominican today articles that indicated that U.S baseball have turned poor Dominicans into millionaires. The game can be professionally played. In this case therefore there has been a major increase in players prying their trade in the U.S. This therefore, brings out the fact that Dominicans playing in the U.S is not just a matter that is being anticipated rather it is a practice that is on. Many Dominicans are playing in the league clubs in the U.S and being professional many of them are dependable players in their clubs. One of the players who made history is Ozzie Virgil who played for many clubs in the major US league in the 1950s perhaps he was an inspiration to many more talent by Dominicans to the US.

The U.S pastime nowadays is searching for international talent. From world statistics we note that it is only Venezuela that that is a threat to Dominican dominance in player production. This thus sheds much light on the fact that baseball has grown to greater heights to the extent that it is an export commodity. With the expertise of the Dominican baseball based on a long history in the game it is very clear that Dominicans playing baseball in the US is not a dream but a concrete reality.


Sports are a unifying factor. In this case it will be necessary to accept the fact that Dominicans playing in the US is a positive step in bringing unity in the world. The players have talent and it would only be appropriate if their talent was nurtured in a positive way. This will go a long way in helping even the Dominican child to grow holistically. Sport is for all of us and everyone enjoys when they play with others. In line with this therefore, it is important to note the importance of the Dominicans playing in the US not just for the satisfaction it gives them as players but more so for the general unity and togetherness it brings.

Dominican Republic is a poor nation. It cannot be compared to the economic excellence and supremacy that the US has attained over the years. This has led to an influx of Dominicans into the US in search of greener pastures. Sports being a well paying venture it will thus be appropriate that the Dominicans too be given a chance. This will not only give them an income but will improve S the status of the game (Ruck, 1999).

If games were to segregate us, they would lose their passion and importance. We cannot imagine a situation where there were barriers limiting players only to a certain region or country. We therefore note that opening of borders is an important step for every country. It helps to bring good relations among nations and people. It further makes the game more competitive and appealing. In this case therefore, for the sake of mutual understanding among people the game has attracted talent even from abroad. This has seen Dominicans playing in the US with great passion. Dominicans will continue playing in the US since it is well important that humanity support all efforts aimed at peace and harmony in the world.

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